Blockstream’s CEO on a rally to acquire, gets denied by the owner

Opinion: On 26th July, ‘Bitcoin’, the official Twitter handle of Bitcoin Cash, tweeted an image of a conversation, between Adam Back the CEO of Blockstream and Cobra, the owner of The conversation was about Adam asking Cobra for the ownership of domain. As this was going on, Adam also stated Bitcoin Cash [BCH] to be “idiotic”.

Bitcoin Cash’s Twitter handle tweeted:

“Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream and inventor of opening a tab at the bar, is upset at @CobraBitcoin because Cobra called BCH “Bitcoin Cash” instead of “bcash.” Can’t make this stuff up.”

Along with this, the account added an image of the conversation:

Conversation with Adam about BCH | Souce: Bitcoin's tweet

Conversation with Adam about BCH | Souce: Bitcoin’s tweet

Chris Bell, a Twitter user said:

“#bcash is #centralized Roger had a hissy fit and forked #Bitcoin to something he could fully control. If anyone on the bcash team crosses Roger they will be gone too because he runs it. We’re trying to create a decentralized environment and the greedy come running.”

The online conversation was between Adam Back, Cobra, Bashco and more online crypto-influencers.

Adam Back's conversation || Source: Imgur

Adam Back’s conversation || Source: Imgur is one of the most wanted domains of the crypto-world. Cobra the current owner of has given the authority of the domain control to the team of Bitcoin Cash [BCH] as it is the ‘Hard Fork’ of Bitcoin. In a recent tweet by Cobra, the owner despised the BCH team, saying:

“Seriously thinking to hard fork Bitcoin Cash. Very unhappy with the direction the developers are taking it. Need to remove all arbitrary protocol limits, and let miners vote on everything. Must also have blocks every 1 minute, not 10, for better merchant experience.”

As the BCH team disappointed the owner of, Adam Back tried to seize the opportunity by proposing the transfer of management from Bitcoin Cash to Blockstream.

As per the introduction given by, it was originally registered and owned by Bitcoin’s first developers, Satoshi Nakamoto and Martti Malmi. When Nakamoto left the project, he gave ownership of the domain to additional people, separate from the Bitcoin developers, to “spread responsibility” and prevent “any one person or group from easily gaining control over the Bitcoin project”. Although Cobra currently owns and manages, the person’s real name, location or gender has not been revealed to the cryptocurrency community.

Adam Back has been requesting Cobra for the ownership of which is currently in the hands of Bitcoin Cash’s team. Adam suggested Cobra to transfer the “domain control” to Theymos as he “trusts” and knows him “well for years”. Michael Marquardt is more commonly known as ‘Theymos’ and is a Bitcointalk administrator and Reddit /r/bitcoin moderator. To the suggestion of Adam, Cobra replied:

Cobra [Owner of} | Source: Imgur

Cobra [Owner of] | Source: Imgur

Satoshi Nakamoto used the proof-of-work concept similar to ‘Hashcash’ which was invented in 1997 by Adam Back. This makes the Blockstream CEO a part of Bitcoin’s origin. Blockstream was founded by a few Bitcoin core developers, of which most still work for Blockstream. The team has closely worked with the founders of Bitcoin and the acquisition of for Blockstream seems profitable.

Bitcoin's Whitepaper | Source:

Bitcoin’s Whitepaper | Source:

This conversation of Blockstream CEO and owner was posted on r/btc Reddit which is managed by Theymos. The conversation gained popularity among Redditors as they expressed their views regarding the same.

BlueeDog4, commented:

“If the domain is to be transferred (which I don’t support), then it should be to someone who is neutral in the block size debate (aka willing to let the market decide), and can be trusted to be neutral in future debates regarding consensus rules.”

Shadowofashadow, a crypto-enthusiast said:

“This is proof of how scared Adam is of the term Bitcoin Cash. He insists that all of his drones use the term bcash and admonishes them when they don’t. I no longer have any wonder who is pushing all of these trolls to keep that term alive. They literally go around posting one and two word posts “bcash lol”.”

Crypto_Nicholas, a Redditor said:

“deviating from the approved narrative”Even if you think it is a scam, you should be able to point at a single aspect and say “that’s pretty good” Lower fees for instance, that is an advantage. Even if you believed it came at the sacrifice of security, it is an advantage. Being chastised for calling something good, good, because it is about an “enemy”, is just ridiculously oppressive. I cannot think of any other way to describe it”

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