is now delisting exchanges that don’t offer Bitcoin Cash [BCH], which is now a major player in the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] space, has reportedly revised its rules for listing exchanges in its help section. A Swedish exchange that is known as Bity recently stated that they have received a mail from regarding this.’s CEO, Roger Ver, is infamous among the Bitcoin [BTC] community. He was the domain owner of the site since 2014 and leased it to a couple of companies before taking control of it. Since the Bitcoin – Bitcoin Cash hard fork, Ver has been using the site’s reach to promote the altcoin.

Bitcoin Cash interchanged the ticker symbol of Bitcoin on’s official ticker just a few months ago. This resulted in community outrage and general accusations of scamming strangers new to the cryptocurrency market. Ver has continually promoted Bitcoin Cash as being the real Bitcoin.

The site, which has multiple learning resources for Bitcoin, is used by a majority of new users due to the domain authority of the website. One of these resources is the Bitcoin exchanges page, where the header states that one can finds exchanges that can buy and sell Bitcoin. However, the statement that was given by to bity states:

“I am writing to let you know we have noted at this time your exchange currently does not offer Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and only offers customers the option to buy Bitcoin Core (BTC). We are making a change on our exchange listing requirements that all listed exchanges must offer Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in order to remain listed on our website.”

Moreover, the statement further states that the non-addition of BCH will result in a removal from the exchange listing space. The statement says:

“If we don’t see any changes that reflect the addition of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on your exchange within the next 30 days then your listing will be removed from”

Reportedly, a spokesperson from Bity exchange stated that they have no plans of offering BCH to their users, stating:

“In Switzerland, there is currently no economy that we are aware of which uses BCH. There are no cases of businesses being built around the direct use of BCH, unlike with Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC). We have not seen any real use cases in Switzerland or with our user base of BCH that shows potential to be integrated in the future financial system.”

This represents the movement of BCH on the existing Bitcoin community.

Redditors also responded to the same, with user cryptotechnologic stating:

“Thanks for letting us know. Don’t give into their demands. I have no problem with BCH in itself but their centralized team is manipulative and deceptive. This is not surprising at all and it’s unfortunate they are running the website.”

User hirako2000 stated:

“That deserves an up vote, but what is the message there? BCH is not popular in Switzerland. Ok, assuming really nobody accepts BCH. Some might very well want to buy services online using BCH but anyway. This exchange doesn’t understand the chicken and egg problem, if nobody can buy BCH how would this help adoption? Exhanges should rather value their listing based on volume, to determine whether it’s worth keeping a pair, and also see how the volume increases in comparison to other pairs.

hirako2000 further remarked:

“But I guess this post isnt trying to be objective by pointing that out. Anyway its pretty stupid not to offer a pair for the top alt coins,.especially at the cost of being removed from a very popular website.”

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