Bitcoin Cash [BCH]’s Stress Test day, not at rest anymore

Bitcoin Cash Stress Test, run by a site called ‘BCH Stress Test Day’ is a network driven task that processes a large number of minimum fee transactions in a single day.

@Bitcoin recently tweeted:

“September 1st will be the first stress test day for #BitcoinCash. Engineers and users will flood the network with transactions to measure how well the BCH network can handle being under high load.”

SeriouslyMad, a Twitter user commented on the same:

“No one cares. No one uses Bcash. you have 8 times more throughput than you’re ever going to need. It’s an illusion, a lie. like the one you tell yourselves that you’re “bitcoin” when you’re not. $BTC Is #BITCOIN you’re #BCH or $BCash a sad #shitfork from $BTC. Grow up, sit down.”

The Bitcoin Cash blockchain has one of the most extreme block limit sizes of 32 MB, which is extraordinarily bigger than numerous other distributed ledgers of this era. The immense size of these blocks is intended to permit noteworthy exchange throughput.

Considering that the block size is 32 MB, the system has to be monitored closely by the network. This will be achieved by carrying out millions of low-fee transactions on the BCH chain, together in a 24-hour duration.

In order to help BCH Stress Test Day, now known as BCHSTD, the team established an open source node.js app for stress testing the BCH network.

The simple apparatus was made with the BCH designer toolbox, Bitbox. The group calls the protocol to be the genesis of 1 BCH bounty that’s offered to somebody who can create a more advanced web application of the tool for all devices.

The BCH Stress test day is calendered on 1st September at 12 pm UTC. The team of BCHSTD has started the preparation of the same.

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