Bitcoin Cash [BCH] to launch new hard fork this November

This November, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] will have another hard fork that will include changes to the protocol. BCH, last in November and May, saw two successful hard forks. While the former advanced the network’s Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm [DAA], the latter had a block size increase of 32 MB along with some re-enabled Satoshi OP_Codes. The default data carrier size rose to 220 bytes as well.

As far as features are concerned, there have been no updates on the Bitcoin ABC development timeline about what will be included. The programmers, however, have confirmed that the code will be completed by 15th August 2018. 

The latest timeline upgrade states that reviewing the ‘code changes’ and ‘protocol updates’ may take some time owing to the “higher-than-normal risk” associated with it. Any protocol changes post 15th August shall be implemented for next year’s May hard fork.

The timeline posted on 5th July 2018 states:

“As of this writing, that code complete date is a little over 5 weeks away. Given that all protocol changes must come with an associated spec, tests, and time to review both of those, we highly encourage all Bitcoin Cash developers to have their protocol specs near completion in the next couple of weeks, especially for more complex changes.”

15th October has been marked as the Testate decline.

“Barring the discovery of any major issues after two months of testate testing and debugging, Bitcoin ABC will the official release for version 0.18.”

This gives node operators a 30 day period to have the upgrade ready for the hardfork.

A member of the ABC team stated that while things have not been finalized, developments will include several features. Some other attributes will be left for the next fork scheduled for May 2019. At the moment, the discussions for development include testing “canonical transaction ordering, OP_Datasigverify and variants, tokenization, UTXO commitments, and reintroducing other previously removed OP_Codes.”

Several other developments are being considered. Amongst them, the proposals that look viable to implementation include

  • Binary contracts via OP_Datasigverify
  • A revised and more efficient way of announcing blocks with Graphene
  • A revised DAA
  • Double spend proof creation and forwarding

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