Bitcoin Cash [BCH] based crowdfunding platform ‘Lighthouse’ released

Kickstarter and Indiegogo have a new rival in the market now. Lighthouse is a new crowdfunding campaign application provided as a Bitcoin Cash-powered app that allows the user base to create and manage their campaigns without the intervention of a third party.

Lighthouse, which also doubles up as a cryptocurrency wallet, was developed by Mike Hearn in association with an anonymous developer supported by CashPay. The application is available for download on and is present for Windows, Android, and Mac.

The application thrives on the resources provided by Toshi’s fund, a non-profit entity that is funded by the community to help projects implementing permission-less payments, on-chain scaling, and enhanced economic opportunities for BCH businesses. The fund has also promised to provide future support and assistance to the application for further scale up and improvement.

Lighthouse has set itself long term and short term goals. In the short term, the app plans to include further improvements such as cleaning up the code, releasing a tool for development collaboration, and improving documentation.

Using Lighthouse has several benefits entailed to it. Since the application is based on Bitcoin Cash, it also follows the same ideologies i.e. being decentralized and open source. This will ensure that all funds go directly to the project creator and not to anyone else. No individual website can stake claim to any project and because of this, projects on the app can be advertised anywhere.

Censorship is another obstacle in public forums but smart contracts ensure that no project or its support systems can be tampered with. Since the entire application is BCH driven, there is no limit to the amount of money that can be contributed to an individual project. All this ensures that projects can exist virtually anywhere, subjecting them to a larger audience which can pay huge dividends.

Lighthouse is aiming to set itself apart by trying to be the first truly independent, censorship-free, crowdfunding platform. The BCH platform will also allow the application to utilize the OP_codes which was made available to the public after the May 2018 soft fork.

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