Binance glitched, errors in technical updates? Redditors vent

On 6th July, Redditors started complaining on Reddit about the technical errors that they are facing on Binance. Lately, Binance has been upgrading its system, irrespective of which, users are still facing inconvenience.

Grimr4p3r, a Redditor started a discussion on Reddit saying:

“Binance Glitched! Can’t Sell My ETC! Binance won’t let me sell my ETC, even though I have a positive balance it tells me that half of my ETC is already in an order. NOT TRUE. It won’t even let me sell the available half! Say’s insufficient funds. None of my ETC are in any orders and I am trying to sell. The site won’t let me me”

Cryptomiller, another Redditor commented:

“Also having issues, I bought NEO just now and tried to buy more but says insufficient balance? and my USDT balance didnt go down when i bought…”

The same Redditor who started the discussion, Grimr4p3r commented again saying:

“To make matters worse I just logged in to see that Binance sold my ETC for HALF of the market value even though the order was set for a lot higher. :)”

Redditors are venting on the same forum [Reddit] regarding ETC selling glitch. The complaints vary from Binance selling ETC automatically at a lower price to Binance portraying ‘insufficient balance’ in accounts with values deposited.

At the end of June, Binance upgraded its system which led to the delay in the resumption of trading and withdrawals. Binance coped with the loss of time as it altered a few of its techniques.

While the users are complaining Binance listed ‘DENT’ coin on 6th July, the listing of the coin resulted in more users actively participating in buying of DENT. The coin is currently the only one in top 150 coins on CoinMarketCap to have a surge of 140% in the 24 hours cap.

Even though the coin was listed recently, Neelvaka, a Redditor posted on the same discussion of Binance saying:

“im having the same issue with DENT”

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