Binance CEO supports Bitcoin [BTC], thumbs up during its lows

Binance, one of the top cryptocurrency exchange is known for its effortless exchanges and Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR]. Binance’s CEO and Founder Changpeng Zhao [CZ] has been positive about the falls of the cryptocurrency market even though Bitcoin [BTC] has not been at its best during this bearish era.

CZ retweeted Bianca Y Chen, as he said:

“Just checked, btc price was $2500 a year ago, today $6800. Trading volume for btc was 780m a year ago, today is 3.4b. There you go.”

Gary Basin a Twitter user commented:

“Ratio of volume to market cap is 7x higher than developed markets, however. This is a sign of speculative bubble. Let alone the likelihood that half the market is worthless ICOs. Yet, in general we’re obviously growing!”

While XOV, another Twitter user counter reacted by saying:

“Everything seems bullish when you’re a billionaire.”

According to approximate estimations, Bitcoin at this time last year, around July 2017 was around $2300. The coin in a year pumped up to $19000 and fell back to its current trading price.

Bitcoin price history | Source: CoinMarketCap

Bitcoin price history | Source: CoinMarketCap

Irrespective to the rise and fall, as compared to last year’s timeline the Bitcoin is still ahead in thousands [USD].

The potential of Bitcoin is acknowledged by most of the online cryptocurrency influencers such as John McAfee, Samson Mow and more!

Recently, West Japan was under the disasters of torrential rains. In order to help the victims, Binance had introduced two forms of donation:

  1. Anonymous
  2. Named donation

Binance had asked the donors to send ETH or ERC20 tokens that one wants to donate directly to the Binance donation address. Not only this, Binance launched its first-ever fiat cryptocurrency exchange in Uganda. CZ had put forth the motto of “Not about profits, but about spreading crypto” during the launch.

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