At Investment Conference, Steve Bannon Says We Are At War With China

Steve Bannon spoke at the Delivering Alpha conference today mostly on the topic of China – below is a partial informal excerpt from Donald Trump’s right hand man


Steve Bannon

By Don Irvine (Steve Bannon) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The meddling in the in the collusion it was fine. The president’s got a lot of stake in Russia. These are the China and I think the president’s done a terrific job particularly visa. All the previous presidents and I thought the press conference was fine. I would I would like to be a little stronger maybe not the meddling but at the end of the day the Democrats are just going to have to embrace this meddling is on the margins right. It’s just not that big a deal. Yeah the Russians always trying to trying to do something. Absolutely just like the Chinese. Right. Just like other of our adversaries and even some of our allies. And so I thought the president what I didn’t like was yesterday I did. I did not like the one thing. Fine is a strong word right. No signs actually a weak word. And I think it’s a great strong word to describe it. I saw him in Singapore and he was very much in command command presence and he was not in command on Monday and they’re never going to find performance I think it’s Singapore and in Helsinki are two different things. Like I said I think it was fine. I think the hysteria of the camp look was President Trump and his normal command presence you could argue yes or no. The topics they discussed I think the output that we’re getting now particularly views of China what the president is talking about I think is quite strong.
I think what he’s done versus other presidents look he goes to Warsaw last year he gives a speech that he talks about the central part of his administration is defense of Western civilization and he says at the time he calls them out for the natural gas deal and that for gas deals are going to do with the Germans. Now any the president that have been the most provocative thing in the universe and look at what the last two presidents did in Russia. Right. We’ve allowed American foreign policy for 50 years or 60 years as keep Russia out of the Middle East. Obama allowed that. Bush looked the other way. Brennan and all these all these super patriots are the first treason of the president. Where were they when they were on watch about this. OK. President Obama actually stood down. I think it’s cyber security guy testified in a Senate committee that he stood down. So I don’t know where all the super patriots were. And look at what Donald Trump’s done now was his command presence as as strong as it was in Singapore the answer is certainly no and I think you say the same thing. But it’s a different environment he’s dealing with a different guy. What about. But you know what. You know but here’s the point. The mainstream media jumps on the marginal optics and they’re right on the trigger. It’s treason. He didn’t support the intelligence community the intelligence community all these super patriots Clapper and Brennan in this crowd that were jumping on the president because the president sometimes conflates the enabling aspect was a collusion. OK.
You can point out when he’s asked about nettling he automatically jumps to the accusation of collusion answer times and landed him on the front page. They conflated the right to meddling in the collusion. So a lot of people do it. There are two different things and certainly the meddling is wrong. We ought to we ought to monitor they shouldn’t do what we should tell them to shut it down. What President Obama kind of stood down. Those guys are on watch really didn’t get on the indictment on Friday which president some said hey go ahead put the indictment no problem with it. The indictment on Friday didn’t even talk about the RNC or the five or six campaigns that the Russians went after. Now let’s be frank if Clapper’s book he’s saying hey it changed the election I think it was a hundred thousand dollars worth of Facebook ads. Give me a break. The medaling was on the margin. OK now in seclusion they haven’t found one shred of evidence that Democrats wanted to do over. They have yet to embrace the reason they lost the reason they lost is they forgot about the working men and women of this country in Wisconsin in Michigan Pennsylvania Ohio Iowa places Donald Trump never should have won. And they’ve been they wanted a do over from 230 in the morning on the 9th of November of 2016 where we won when AP called them where they wanted to do over and they whine and bitch and moan about it since then. And they’re going to have a do over this November November 6 they get their do over. We’re going to think we’re going to get some attention.
Would you have advised them to go to hell thinking that you invited me to sit down. I would have thought the timing would. I thought that the NATO visit the visit to the United Kingdom and the visit to NATO could have taken place on November 7th. After that it is planning to do there. There’s plenty that you have to do. I thought his trip to NATO is fantastic when get to that in a second. Talking to our allies trying to save NATO. Donald Trump’s done more than any president state not to have happy talk but actually try to save NATO and make it a real alliance not a protectorate. All that could await it we could await it to after November 6. They want to do it fine. It’s going to be fine. Deplorable and be plenty jacked up there in a second but that visit if you take the whole totality of it. Look what Naito I mean Donald Trump is trying to save this alliance. What he doesn’t want is a pretext. Remember that problem we’ve got ourselves in in this liberal post war rules based order. You go from Europe to the Persian Gulf to the South China Sea the Northwest Pacific. It’s a series of commercial relationships capital markets trade relationships and American security guarantees. We underwrite the whole thing. If you want to know when we have a structural deficit of a trillion dollars a year is because we underwrite the entire thing none of our allies kick get into the into the till. And the Europeans are the worst.
And Germany is the worst of the entire lots of the kids sit there and tell me what a big threat they think Russia is when 15 percent of the German people don’t want to pay 2 percent. Now this is very important that NATO goes over that he’s been talking to Stoltenberg the secretary general of the entire continent Stoltenberg has said that Trump is the biggest reason we now have people pitching putting in that 2 percent original Sochi 2024 camp as a business guy says hey it’s got to be 2 percent. It’s got to be now. Because we’re spending essentially a trillion dollars and it is 800 billion Buffett trillion dollars has to interest. And he says like the landlord hey if you don’t make the 2% you’ve got to make an arrears and they’re going crazy. He does. Now the readiness initiative that Trump initiated to say what’s the interoperability. Where’s the equipment. Because Trump looks at the numbers under the hood and he says Hey this one point two percent they’re paying the use of proceeds on global warming health care. Whereas the equipment is interoperability. Germans have a 128 combat aircraft seven could get airborne. The entire Germany could put one brigade of combat troops. He says Ready initiative an initiative he comes out of the afternoon meeting he says Hey how about this 2 percent now and no 10 years now and 4 percent total we’re at 4 percent. We can’t continue this. And here’s the here’s the reason we’re not an empire. We’re looking for allies. We’re not looking for protectorates. Europe is a protectorate right now. What Donald Trump is trying to force him to do by having a pardners conversation is to say you’ve got to be a partner.
You have to be in on this thing. And so I think it’s very like when you’ve seen a lot of the globalist over there kind of push back on it. I think Trump has been the guy who’s trying to say this alliance. I want to exhaust how thinking then I want to get to China. Helsinki Stoltenberg breathless there breakfast misnomer. He’s like Stoltenberg up in the morning. He’s saying you know you’re not painting presented as your best thing they are talking about the natural gas deal. He says that they signed a natural gas deal they have 70 percent ultimately in control of their energy. And he says what we trade with Russia all time he said. And Trump says it’s not about trade. This is about geopolitics. And remember Merkel never wanted to bring that up when this deal was going. So he is so hard at it from an alliance point of view. These are the Russia the hardest I’ve seen since I was in the Pentagon back in the 80s. To me that appears to me like he like rabbits and he gravitates to personalities that are strong personalities. He likes President Xi. He likes Erdogan. I think it’s the most dangerous guy in the world. And I think he’s attracted to Putin because I think he looks at those people as strong leaders of countries they’re nationalists they put their country first and they get on with it and they don’t care what people think. No that doesn’t tell you why because he’s got his own house style. If you look at what he does he leads from strength.
People criticize this guy doesn’t know what he’s doing. Doesn’t understand this. If you see what he’s doing around the world to reorient this rules based post-war liberal order that cannot continue on and essentially work to deindustrialized the United States on the backs of the deplorable as they’re the ones who pay the taxes to underwrite it and their kids in the Hindu Kush it’s their kids in the South China Sea it’s their kids 30th parallel that’s deplorable speaking and I think Trump has a very strong vision of what America first needs. This whole thing about engagement. Now all the liberals and all the guys that morning germy talking about and all that he’s the least nice president ever if you look at not just the inaugural address. If you look at the Riyadh summit where we actively engage our allies are Sunni Arab allies particularly in the Gulf. And if you look at the Warsaw speech which to me was one of the most provocative speeches against Russia ever. I think that this guy is the last thing of being a isolationists. In addition I think we keep Russia in perspective. Russia is an annoyance. China is our great challenge. As you heard today was with folks talking with Iran. Russia’s economy’s the size of Texas or New York State. It’s what 70 percent dependent on natural resources. It’s got lots of nuclear weapons. But in today’s modern warfare. OK when you talk about cyber information warfare economic warfare and kinetic guns up nuclear weapons have taken less and less important role in the reality of warfare.
And so I think Trump puts it in perspective and I think that’s what he’s doing what he’s trying to do is end the Cold War. OK he’s trying to end the Cold War. The great geniuses of both local parties blew an opportunity in the 1990s to bring this thing to an end and we had to pay a price for it ever since. Well Donald Trump is trying to do is in the Korean War on the Korean Peninsula and in the cold war and all he’s getting is grief from the from the from the globalists. Let’s talk about China. We talking about China all day about whether or not there’s going to be a trade war. What we see happening game is not where does this go how does it end. We’re not in this thing of a trade war. They’ve been a trade world currently for about 30 years. We were at war with China. Ray Dalio the other day we’re at war with China. The three the three times of war the Chinese look at it information war economic war and guns of kinetic war. They’re at an economic war with us for 25 years. The no great power in world history has ever looked the way of the greatest threat. At the same time dissipate this energy something we spent seven trillion dollars. Brown University the Watson center showed we spent seven trillion dollars and 17 years on this war on terror and the war in the Middle East with very bad outcomes and we’ve allowed the rise of China in fact many people in this room the elites of our country have exacerbated the rise of China.
And we were told time and time again that Donald Trump does hear that it was the inexorable rise of China. It was the second law of thermodynamics. This was a law of physics in the natural world. In fact the whole facilities trap concept the these guys came up with is based on the rising power and declining power where the declining power. That’s the same theory they had before Ronald Reagan got here in the 1970s that Russia was on the rise and we were on decline. That was what they caught was about. That was what all the arms agreements were about. Ronald Reagan changed that said we can defeat these guys. We can bring this down. It was possibly 40 years it happened in eight or ten years. Same thing with Donald Trump. And he’s mocked and ridiculed and not being some foreign policy expert. He’s got enough understanding of the world and the way the world works to go after this. And quite frankly we’re winning. They talk about the Chinese haven’t come back to us with a with the response and the freight thing for the first time in the last 25 years they don’t know what to do. They’re seeing an opponent standing up for themselves. It’s not just the trade trade it’s the scale and deficit of the trade and the way Trump proposed he says it’s 50. It’s 200. It’s mostly one or two water and it’s another 200 if you retaliate. And by the way if you retaliate again it may be another 500. Now you’re talking about right now a half a trillion dollars. That’s just one to three old ones is what Silicon Valley came to us about.
It’s not the technology south it’s the it’s the forced technology transfers the third parts the ziti where we could we can basically implode these companies the last time the getting out. So we’re in the game now. Right now we’re converging on a point and they understand this. We could take the whole thing down. I think the whole thing was built on a house what did what are the current differences they’re just going to have more got was out they get 3 billion of reserves and trust me in the New York second that thing would flood the country in a second. That’s what that’s what their own people think about their economy. We’ve allowed these guys to push us around. We’ve allowed these guys to take the South China Sea when I was 22 years old as an instant J.A.G. and the Navy is central to the South China Sea to be free and open navigation. The Bush administration and the Obama administration look the other day when they militarize it Donald Trump. I want to talk about where the trade war is going. And by the way I think. I think so. How do you how do you how it is and how it ends the victory how it ends in victory. Donald Trump is not going to back office. The Chinese are going to blink right now. His victory victory is when they give us full access to their markets victories when they stop.
Remember the warlordism in China right now and she is under tremendous pressure is the state owned industries which account made in China 2025 that told us it was to leapfrog us into converge on advanced chip design robotics and artificial intelligence to converge eventually with genetics to converge on advanced manufacturing. What the reality is we saw on G.T. is to get off the west supply chains for ZTE he was a get off the west supply chain for components. I think the number one thing here and see other trade war is the re orientation of the complete supply chain of Japan Western Europe in the United States and Southeast Asia. That 800 million people even before you get to India around the freedom loving countries. I think the regime in China is in deep trouble. Remember this is different than the Chinese people the Chinese people are some of the hardest working and best people in the world. It’s this regime that is led down this path and it’s this cult of personality around she that tried to get up in the United States as a space. This right here the train is going to end in victory. And what you’re going to see is a reorientation of the entire supply chain out of China that simply turns on CNBC frequently when it’s all said and done. There are going to be fewer cars in the world is China going to be more open. Or is it going to go back let’s go back to the G7 for a second just tariffs us over G7 on the first day he get he got lit little bright lit up by everybody in the worst kind of world over and over thing next morning he was in there. So hey I got an idea about this. You have no tariffs no tariffs whatsoever. Trade reciprocity No Larry I don’t.
But no subsidies McCrone didn’t know what to do couldn’t give a seat. Good luck whole Huelskamp is there state owned industry Brave’s it in 2016. Are inextricably linked. What links them is China. It’s China’s exporting its deflation and Chinese exploiting exploiting its excess capacity that is gutted the Midland heartlands of England obviously through Germany. But it gutted the upper Midwest United States. If you go out to the Midwest and you give him a fire breathing speech on China you don’t have to get him up to speed like you do the elites in New York they understand. J.D. Vance who wrote hillbilly ologies reminded me that these studies from MIT and Harvard show there’s a direct correlation between the factories that went overseas the billets and jobs that went with them and the opioid crisis. Remember this is not just about economics and they’re just not about manufacturing jobs. It is about self-worth and identity and people understanding they have jobs. OK. Bringing these manufacturing Harris back. Good for the economy 100 percent good for the economy great for the economy it’s going to rebuild our economy. It’s going to will continue.

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