Zilliqa [ZIL] and Genaro – Captain America and Winter Soldier at work

Zilliqa [ZIL] today added a video link on their Twitter page announcing their partnership with Genaro Network, a decentralized storage network Turing-complete public blockchain. Genaro offers to smart contracts and data storage facilities.

This is a multi-faceted collaboration, a portion of Ziliqa’s data can be stored on Genaro’s Network, this way Zilliqa miners can offload storage of transactions blocks to Genaro Network.

Zilliqa's video on their Twitter page. Source: Twitter

Zilliqa’s video on their Twitter page | Source: Twitter

The DAPPS built on this network will be able to use APIs to store their back-end data on Genaro Network. Genaro users can also run DAPPS on Zilliqa by spending GAS fees and GNX. The payment relay will reduce the need to convert tokens and give users in the large ecosystem the benefits of storage and transaction speed at the same time.

Genaro Network uses a consensus mechanism which involves sentinel proof of retrievability and proof of stake while maintaining security. Genaro team works on what is known as its Romulus plan and Eden plan- building the decentralized storage network for DAPPs and user-friendly applications for users to share their unused storage space. Genaro Eden is an application on Genaro and it’s a storage facility of Genaro.

The video explains their partnership as:

“Can you imagine how we will be working together? it will be like captain America and winter soldier.”

Alex Mazilu, a Twitter user commented:


Genaro announced its conceptual blockchain 3.0 model in November 2016 at the China Business Event’s Shanghai Fintech forum. Genaro’s aims to foster thousands of DAPPS, to move applications from Cloud storage/servers to Blockchain technology and thereby create a global blockchain ecosystem.

In the latest Testnet v 0.5 [October 2017], Zilliqa achieved a throughput of 2488 transactions per second with 3600 nodes. Zilliqa’s market cap now stands at $934 million with a price of $0.12 and has seen a downfall of -0.16% in the past 24 hours, but has a good rise of 10.11% over the last 7 days.

Zilliqa's trade history [7 days] showing market cap and price. Source: CoinMarketCap

Zilliqa’s trade history [7 days] showing market cap and price | Source: CoinMarketCap

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