William Shatner mining Bitcoin [BTC]: From snob currency to God currency?

A recent interview by CNBC’s Fast Money featured Star Trek’s Captain Kirk aka William Shatner. The Hollywood icon shared views on his involvement in Bitcoin mining and solar-powered business advancements.

Shatner, at the very beginning, clarifies his dissociation with any deep-level knowledge on ‘how to mine Bitcoin’. He only claims to have powered the computers that mine Bitcoin. To him, crypto-mining appears to be a ‘strange area’.

It was a few years back when the celebrity had addressed Bitcoin as ‘cyber snob currency’ in a tweet. However, his recently visible efforts at encouraging Bitcoin mining through solar power tell a different tale. In 2018, William Shatner said:

“We’ve taken this empty building that was standing idle and we’re electrifying it with solar power and much from the grid and we’re supplying power to the vast number of computers that are needed to mine for bitcoin and that’s where we come in”

Shatner also analogized today’s Bitcoin mining with the ‘gold mining rush days’. He said:

“In the gold mining rush days where miners would sit around and pan for gold, we’re supplying the pickaxes for the mining of gold, which is the electric power.”

The actor’s interest in Bitcoin mining piqued only after he got into solar power and green energy, for the environment. During that period, he solarized his house with the assistance of Solar Alliance, that ultimately led Shatner and Jason Bak [CEO, Solar Alliance] to meet.

Solar Alliance is a green-energy firm based out of Murphysboro, Illinois, where Shatner’s Bitcoin setup is currently situated.

When questioned about the heavy utility of power in Bitcoin mining, Shatner moved to the employment aspect of Murphysboro. He stated that a lot of job opportunities are being created in the process, whereas the town formerly running on coal has shifted to green power. He further added:

“Our company Solar Alliance is all for educating the public and supplying solar power to the public and in business, in commercial… and in homes, so that this change from fossil fuel to power from the Sun is a necessity for the world, let alone the country.”

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