Vitalik Buterin is “comfortably within celebrity status” on Twitter

Vitalik Buterin is now within the top 2000 most followed people on Twitter, with a rank of 1814th most followed. He has 780000 Twitter followers at the time of writing this article, with approximately 709 new followers every day.

The website TwitterCounter places him at a 5005.39 follower to following ratio, which means that he has 5005 followers for every person he follows. He has had an average of 8 tweets per day in the past 30 days. He also boasts an audience attentiveness score of 87% and is tracked on 8951 Twitter lists. This all adds up to him being “comfortably within celebrity status.”

Vitalik has had a great run of tweets in recent times, with his followers hanging on to every word he says. He has also changed his name to ‘Vitalik “not giving away ETH” Buterin’, due to the amount of Twitter bots spamming his post with Ethereum giveaways. Ironically, the bots also changed their name to “not giving away ETH”.

Here are some highlights from his recent tweets.

On content monetization, he said:

“Part of me feels that interest in content monetization may be misguided. Maybe we should just accept that certain kinds of work (writing articles, indie FOSS dev, etc) should be done for social capital, and not money. IMO this was one of the virtues of 2000s-era internet culture.”

On blockchain voting, he said:

“Governments looking to use blockchains for IDs + voting should consider starting with petitions. It’s a safer use case because petitions are non-binding so security risks are much smaller, but you can still take advantage of blockchains for verifiability and ZKPs for privacy.”

On scaling in blockchain he said:

“My view: there are basically 5 scaling strategies: 1. Many separate chains 2. Super-big blocks 3. Incremental improvements that don’t change security model (eg. replacing txs + sigs with compressed delta + STARKs) 4. Layer 2 (channels and plasma) 5. Sharding”

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