[Video]: Pornhub confirms Tron [TRX] and ZenCash [ZEN] for payments

Pornhub, the leading adult industry website has announced that they will be accepting Tron [TRX] and ZenCash [ZEN] as their new crypto-payment for Pornhub Premium.

Pornhub Aria announced the news on Twitter:

“We’re excited to announce that were now accepting @zencashofficial and @Tronfoundation as crypto currency payment for Pornhub Premium!!”

They further add:

#ZenCash continues to expand its usability. $ZEN is now accepted as a payment method for the world’s largest adult entertainment websites and provides real #privacy for its 115M+ users daily!”

Along with the announcement, Pornhub posted a video featuring Tron, says:

“Pornhub and TRON (TRX): The Future Has Come…Again. @tronfoundation accepted soon on Premium”

The partnership buzz has been going on in the market since yesterday with most of the market speculators believing that this was the secret news that Tron was saving for the big announcement day i.e., June 30, 2018.

Additionally, the announcement has also led to a divide in the crypto-space were some of the investors claim that this new announcement has led to the devaluation of Verge [XVG], the first crypto-partner of Pornhub.

The Wee Tank, a Twitterati says:

“This just devalues XVG to be honest.. as now the partnership isn’t really whatsoever.”

HJ, another Twitterati says:

“Are we gonna have crypto currency be partnered by only the desperate companies?! Give me a break!”

Lium, a Twitter user says:

“So for these ‘partnerships’ How much did verge pay? How much did zen cash pay? How much did Tron pay? I hold verge, have for 7 months. Sounds like a total fucking scam now. What a joke this has become.”

NiteShowdow[XVG], an XVG enthusiast says:

“TRX is a token designed to recreate the internet in 10+ years, if ever — not a currency – either way, grats to you 2! Nothing wrong w/ sloppy seconds 😉 Let’s also keep in mind that this is PH, not Mindgeek 😉 (XVG is partnered w/ Mindgeek)”

Bomo, a Twitterati says:

“It’s funny when other coins/ token are accepted by pornhub, people say it’s a good thing. But when verge opened that path, people were dispointed.”

According to CoinMarketCap, at press time, Tron [TRX] was trading at $0.038 with a market cap of $2 billion and ZenCash [ZEN] was trading at $17.03 with a market cap of $70 million and has seen a rise of more than 2% in the past 1 hour.

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