Video: Litecoin [LTC] weds Wirex! Merger of traditional payment with crypto payment

Pavel Matveev, the CEO at Wireapp’s recent tweet included a video where he was at the Telsa airport, paying for the airport shuttle via Litecoin through the Wirex card, indicating that Litecoin [LTC] users can make POS payments with Wirex app or card.

The video shows Matveev entering his pin to make the payment, which is clearly visible. Jon, a Twitter user commented:

“Im not sure if posting a video that shows your PIN: 8792 is a good idea though?!”

Matveev replied to this comment, revealing:

“All Wirex cards support 3D Secure, so you need to know the passcode to make any transaction online. Anyway, I’m using a card dedicated to photo/video shooting.”

Wirex is a platform for providing cryptocurrency wallets which are in turn linked to physical and virtual visa debit cards, cryptocurrency, traditional currency exchange, and payment solutions. As of 2017 [established in 2014], they have 900,000 customers in over 130 countries. Wirex mainly focuses on unifying the speed and cost efficiencies of cryptocurrency with the global acceptance of traditional payment systems.

They have attributes like:

  • Cryptocurrency wallets and currency accounts on a single platform.
  • Money transfers are free.
  • Multi-currency exchange- GBP, USD, EUR, and Litecoin in any direction.
  • Local bank transfers include deposits and withdrawals.
  • Mobile and desktop access.
  • International money deposit.

On April 11th, 2018, LTC also launched LTCPay for merchants to accept Litecoin payments for free into their wallet, for their businesses.

Stephen Jones, a Twitter user commented:

“Being compatible with the current system while also working independently of it is to me one of the best things about crypto”

Another Twitter user Mango criticised Wirex’s idea stating:

“If you load a visa card using crypto, that’s not #PayWithLitecoin. That’s not real adoption. Wake me up when we don’t need a visa and the cab directly accepts #Litecoin.”

Wirex stated its idea of integration:

“Well mister Mango, actually, It’s a huge, HUGE step towards massive crypto adoption. Banks will not “disappear” in one day, or even one decade. The first step must be the integration of both traditional systems and disruptive crypto-platforms. We have to be open-minded.”

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