Upcoming ICOs list for June 2018 and Why You Should be Interested

Initial Coin Offering or ICO is the cryptocurrency equivalent of Initial Public Offering or IPO. ICO is the modern way of crowdfunding for a startup venture and development. When a person has a lot of extra funds, he usually invests in various upcoming ICOs list and other endeavors in the hopes that on e of them will hit a gold mine in the future.

Upcoming ICOs that are Interesting

A lot of people tend to avoid upcoming ICOs list, but supporting the non-established visions are more rewarding in the long-term. Here are some of the ICOs scheduled to be released in June 2018:

1. Business, Jobs, Market and Finance:

  • MyCreditChain- credit information
  • UMKA – labor market
  • ENTRY – personal and business payments
  • CVProof.com – new job standards
  • Open Source University – career and academic development ledger
  • Talao – Ethereum-based organization for talent
  • Smart Containers – scale logistics businesses
  • REPU – blockchain smart reputation management
  • TraXion- bank and wallet solution
  • Loyakk VEGA –business-to-business blockchain-enabled platform
  • Beaxy Exchange –exchange for all
  • Datareum– data marketplace
  • FTEC –ecosystem for trading
  • Find.Exchange – money transfer platform with global comparison
  • Global REIT – real estate investment trust blockchain
  • INTRO – resident construction market business intelligence services

2. Charity, Health and Personal Use:

  • Cardium– tokenizing everyday activities
  • B21 –cryptoassets wealth manager
  • HERO.org –tokenizing yourself
  • Tontine Trust –blockchain secured retirement
  • Alphacon–big data platform for healthcare
  • BolttCoin–social health blockchain-based platform
  • Etheal– global health blockchain-based platform
  • CHERR.IO –blockchain-based charity platform

3. Development and Technology:

  • Moveco–ecosystem for mobility
  • Squeezer –blockchain software development
  • Kakushin – intellectual property ecosystem
  • Hive Power – Ethereum blockchain energy systems management
  • Instant Assets Tokens –solutions and utilities
  • CryptoHunt–blockchain augmented reality
  • DREAM –blockchain-based talent acquisition
  • Anything App –application for knowledge-sharing

4. Media, Marketing, Promotion and Entertainment:

  • DNN or Decentralized News Network
  • Swace – social gaming blockchain-based platform
  • Ternio – digital advertising with blockchain
  • The Rouge Project – coupon blockchain-based platform
  • Triggmine – smart contract and AI-driven marketing e-mail solutions
  • Noiz–ad network
  • NYNJACOIN –crypto wallet and digital market in communications application
  • Monetizr – game reward blockchain-based engine
  • Whyral–blockchain-powered AI-based influencer and marketing management

This upcoming ICOs list is interesting because they are planning to use technology to solve existing problems from all industries. These top-of-the-line developments were produced by top startups of 2018, and time will tell if any of these will grow into the next blockchain powerhouse.

Support Your Interest

Investing in an ICO is not an easy decision so it’s imperative that you take into consideration what industries you are most interested in. There are a lot of potential successes in upcoming companies and startups, so you could also try putting your money in various institutions until one of them delivers a greater ROI than the rest. Always remember that you should invest money that you can afford to lose, which would ideally be just a small percentage of your monthly income.