Tron Virtual Machine launch on July 31st will blow Ethereum out – Justin Sun

The first version of the Tron Virtual machine [TVM] was launched on May 25th, just a few days before the main net.

The initial stages will be fully compatible with the Ethereum virtual machines. The Ethereum developers will be able to use the solidity and the other programming language to develop, debug, and compile the smart contract in the environment they are familiar with.

The official TVM version will be launched on July 31st this year allowing developers to build applications and blow Ethereum out of the water. This will be the beginning of a high-performance decentralized ecosystem, says the founder.

Decentralized applications [dApps] on the Tron protocol are becoming a reality with a solid infrastructure that has blockchain explorers and a wallet for the de-front platform. With over a 100 million user base (MAU) into Tron network in Q3 being rallied, the migration from a traditional environment to the Tron protocol will happen. The top 3 decentralized exchanges on the Ethereum and their top 3 game developers are committed that they will become a part of Tron’s developer community.

They expect to add an additional 100 active users every month to the Tron ecosystem in Q3 and Q4. “So, Stay tuned! We plan to finish the basic infrastructure for a decentralized ecosystem in Q3 and to become the world’s largest decentralized protocol in Q4,” declared Justin.

All the major exchanges have already come forward to support Tron’s independence from Ethereum. The supporters can expect a lot more listings of TRX on other huge platforms making it the most traded and widely distributed cryptocurrency worldwide, the founder assured. It currently stands at the 5th position of being the most traded currency with 50+ exchanges having Tron in their listings.

List of Reward Programs worth up to $2 billion:

  1. Tron Accelerator
  2. Bug-Bounty
  3. Hackathons
  4. Programming Competitions

With the most active developers in the industry, Tron witnessed the 42 team participants developing 16 explorers and 43 wallets with 100’s taking part in the programming competition as well. Project Genesis has helped the developer community grow by 30% per week since its launch with 11K messages sent per month. They will announce excellent blockchain explorers, wallets, and the other outstanding infrastructure applications from the Tron community. Sun declared that these will be ready to be tested by the community, the supporters are welcome to develop and use the same.

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