Tron [TRX]’s timeline flashback and post main net improvements

Tron Main Net was launched successfully on the 31st of May and the news is still fresh across the globe. The main net launch ushered a whole new chapter to the Tron community as they crossed a milestone and the most awaited one.

They are now approaching the token migration which is expected to happen on June 25th. Tron will depart from the Ethereum network and ERC-20 tokens to enter a new network. Their blockchain protocol is the biggest in the world and the technology promises to revolutionize the entire crypto world and support the strong vision of making Tron [TRX] the world’s best currency. Post token swap, Tron will proudly flaunt its TRC-20 coin as they are ready to set a standard for themselves and the entire community.

With more than 20 exchanges including the top and most popular ones supporting this migration act, users are bound to have a seamless shift to experience a whole new payment system. Additionally, Tron’s project genesis is seemingly a huge part of Tron’s growth with the network.

Along with the support from various exchanges for a smooth transition of tokens, a lot of exchanges from around the world are coming forward to list TRX on their platform. The founder had also recently assured a lot more to be expected soon as they are slowly expanding over the boundaries and beyond their region. Malta and Indonesia are the biggest and the latest expansion schemes from Tron, looked up to from both ends.

The next thing to look up to is the SR election that probably no other blockchain or coin has hosted so far. They have witnessed around 60 candidates coming forward to participate. They will choose 27 final representatives who will stand by Tron throughout its journey. The election process provides an experience for all the candidates of a truly democratic election process.

These elected block producers will be responsible for maintaining Tron’s network governance. The spread of candidates includes individuals and companies from various sectors like exchange platforms, mining pools, funds, community supporters, and developers. Hello World and Infinity Stones are the latest to join the list of candidates.

The website has also been revamped to allow easy access to “state of Tron DApps”, a user-friendly layout running on Tron’s protocol. Additional features like the Tron block explorer allows users to browse blockchains, node map, SR search, voting, and TRX market info along with support for address, block height, token id, and the token itself.

This is all just the beginning, the main picture is still in the frame as they have a lot more exciting things to offer to the entire audience that includes developers, users, traders, and supporters.

In a post, Justin Sun, the founder mentioned:

“With constant growth of our team, contributions from the community developers and accomplishing each step in the roadmap, the expansion of the TRON ecosystem will continue to grow each day.”

Adding on:

“With the support and effort by everyone to create and launch a successful main net, we are excited to bring both the community, and the world, so many new and innovative ways to use blockchain technology.”

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