Tron [TRX]’s new stripper-themed gaming app: Trick or treat?

Tron’s Founder Justin Sun tweeted today, announcing the success of Tron’s blockchain gaming application, Crypto Stripper. The gaming app made it to the 5th place on the list of DappRadar. It also positioned itself on the 9th position in the general list of

According to Tron Foundation, the TRON dApp R&D team has answered a lot of questions for the gaming community. The gaming app is in its experimental phase and is being prepared for deployment.

Initially, the purpose for developing Crypto Stripper was to become well-versed with blockchain technology – functioning, and mechanism. In the game, players buy strippers to earn gold coins. Trading is done in gold coins and the price of gold coin fluctuates throughout, depending on the nature of trades.

The TRON dApp R&D team also wants to move towards an expansion of the game, despite the initial plan due to encouragement from its user-base. The new add-on could include smart contracts and a twist of speculations to make it more interesting by increasing the interaction within the gaming experience.

The model of gaming payments will also be altered by the integration of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the domain. Additionally, high level of centralization is still a flaw that needs fixing.

Happy Glitchmore, a Twitter user, and crypto-follower replied:

“Hi Justin, can you pls clarify? In this article it says “TRON always aims to decentralize the Internet. The TPS of up to 10,000 means that it owns a more decentralized level…” I thought the TPS of Tron was 2000 TPS now?”

TronDogMommy, a Tron-enthusiast also wrote:

Can you convert ETH to $TRX within the Game? $TRX in the future after conversion perhaps? #Tron

Not_a_Bot, a Twitter user sarcastically said:

“Top five and Ten Coinfirmed! 🤣🤣🤣

Another crypto-enthusiast commented:

“Tron game = bitconnect 🤔

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