Tron [TRX]’s justification on the transition from Ethereum [ETH] to its public blockchain

Tron launched its public blockchain successfully yesterday. This was declared an Independence Day for the entire Tron community as they freed themselves from Ethereum’s not-so-compatible platform. The founder, Justin Sun proudly said that he is confident to announce the completion and assured that their new release will take them to places leaving behind all the other currencies and technologies, especially Ethereum’s blockchain.

Justin says they are fully prepared for the Independence Day with amazing mainnet performance, with a strong technical team, a steady and high trading volume, 4 million users, excellent migration user experience, and the scheduled and unprecedented Tron SR elections.

He tweeted:

“#TRON aims only the first place!”

He has been making comparisons between Ethereum’s drawbacks and how Tron is overcoming them and has better features since the beginning of the whole main net gala. Community Governance – Tron: the popular sovereignty of the Token while Ethereum: Authoritarian rule by the foundation. Tron’s TPS is 2000 which is way faster than Ethereum’s TPS which is 25. Tron is also highly scalable when compared to Ethereum which is very poor in terms of scalability as per Tron’s team.

After the celebration and applause for the successful main net launch, the team is now looking forward to the token migration and other events on their timeline. The mainnet was live streamed where the founder was the key speaker where he explained the entire journey, process and future plans thoroughly.

Tron has received immense support from most of the exchanges across the globe before the mainnet launch. It looks like the downpour of exchanges will continue to flow through Tron’s community even after the installation. LBank exchange has extended its support for the token migration scheduled on June 25th today while another exchange, oexcom announced the same a day before.

Tron [TRX] has not been very positive since the main net launch in terms of its price and dropped down to the 10th position right before the launch. It has not been able to pull itself up since then and stands at the same position with a market cap of $3.8 billion. The price has dipped by 17.63% over the week and 4.24% since yesterday closing its value at $0.058.

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