Tron [TRX] independent group [TIG] – The backbone of independence day

Tron independent group [TIG] consists of 27 anonymous volunteering Genesis Representatives [GR]. These volunteers take care of the migration process and safeguard the TRX tokens at the same time. Tron Foundation mentions:

 “During the transitioning period when the GR are being replaced by other SR, TIG will be in charge until this process is complete.”

Tron Foundation's tweet | Source: Twitter

Tron Foundation’s tweet | Source: Twitter

These 27 volunteers carry out the following functions:

  • They help the super representatives with “a fast track for TRX exchange” at the earliest so the candidates can file an application for SR.
  • They provide exchange services that are based on Tron’s mainnet for major exchanges that offer to support TRX token migration, for TRON’s stakeholders.
  • TIG is also responsible for organizing the ongoing 12-hour Livestream, which will last until 21:30 PM [UTC+8]. This live stream is done so the community members can receive the updates live.
  • They will also hand out a small number of TRX tokens during the Livestream so that the community can test the features of Tron mainnet.

Tron Foundation mentions:

“We’d like to extend our gratitude to the unsung heroes during the mainnet initiation- TIG.”

Tron’s token migration is ongoing and at present, the SR candidates are talking about their vision with Tron. Tron is currently ranked at the 9th position with the price at $0.042 and has increased by 4.09% in the last 24 hours.

hkim, a crypto enthusiast, and a Twitter user commented:

“Tron concept is wonderful…. the leadership is abysmal. Thank you Justin Sun… my education and investment movements in crypto has been highly influenced by you.”

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