Tron [TRX] increases bug bounty rewards to $10 million!

TRON Foundation increased the bug bounty on its mainnet platform, as announced earlier today on Justin Sun’s Twitter. The bug bounty was previously around $100,000 and was increased to the highest reward of $10 million.

The official blog post stated that the reward is aimed at discovering “potential technical vulnerabilities” in the TRON mainnet. The TRON mainnet was launched yesterday, to great fanfare and a live stream by Justin Sun for the entire event. Justin Sun stated that the community and the developers worked 12 hours a day for 6 days a week towards the goal of completing the project.

A project of this scale completed in a timeframe of six months is bound to have a degree of human error. Therefore, Justin Sun announced with the mainnet launch that he will be offering a bug bounty for glitches, exploits, and errors in the TRON mainnet.

He said:

“Calling all developers! #TRON main net is live on #github and we’re offering up to $100K in #bugbounty rewards. Bring your A game.”

Just one day after this, Justin Sun announced that he will be upping the rewards to up to $10 million! This is a representation of how serious Justin Sun is about the security of the Tron blockchain. The blog post says:

“If you have made an important discovery of potential bugs, please contact us and join the TRON Bug Bounty Program as soon as possible and we will surely offer generous rewards!”

Twitter users responded to the tweet, with user RareDogCity saying:

“Make that money #hackers”

User cryptofaith said:

“The imature non educated comments on here R crazy.The scope of what TRX is doing is huge.When the whales ,week holders and the kids trying to make $10000000 off 10 usd worth of trx are gone.Then the real understanding of trons vision will be seen. It’s very simple hold have faith”

User Countergrind said:

“Tron will win every time! Show the year-long $4billion ICO how it’s done! $10million, now that’s a bounty. And yes… Watch-out #ETH”

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