Tron [TRX] Foundation’s $20k Incentive Plan – Keeping the community engaged

Post their bug bounty program, coreTronicss call-up and Tron programming competition, Tron Foundation has come up with yet another community programme called $20k “Incentive” Plan to keep the “community engaged” and to “build collaborative effort” in the ecosystem.

The plan grants a $20,000 reward to projects similar to TRON’s current wallets and blockchain browsers, with the aim of rewarding the contributions made by the participants to TRON’s global ecosystem, and providing funds for following R&D.

Justin Sun's tweet | Source: Twitter

Justin Sun’s tweet | Source: Twitter

Projects are said to be rewarded “immediately” and “unconditionally” once it passes the evaluation by TRON’s product technology committee.

TRON aims at encouraging more projects similar to TRON’s prevailing wallets and blockchain browsers by offering a reward. This is said to enhance the ecosystem of the mainnet, provide a better user experience for Tronics [Tron community members] which will eventually create a powerful ecosystem for TRON’s developers.

Tron Foundation said:

“Different from the“TRON Accelerator Loan” which is in the form of an 18-month interest-free convertible bond, the Incentive Plan will be in the form of a direct reward. The non-borrowing “reward”works better than the “loan” in encouraging the developers. It saves the tedious borrowing process of TRON Accelerator Loan and the subsequent cost for maintaining and improving the product.”

As a result of this programme, more leading products will be produced at a faster pace and the original concept of “Accelerating Innovation and Development” will be better realized. Tron Foundation also mentions:

“With the official initiation of TRON’s $20k “Incentive” Plan, “TRON Accelerator Loan” will be ended after serving its purpose.TRON has been running the community with an open concept. We have committed ourselves to building a strong decentralized network and hope that more developers can join our thriving ecosystem.”

At the time of writing, TRON [TRX], currently at the 10 position on the crypto-charts, is trading at $0.04 with a market cap of $3.1 billion.

Abhishek Mittal, a crypto investor and a Twitter user commented:

“I am 100% sure the #TRX team will be much better prepared after all the drama that went on during #EOS Mainnet launch. Go Team Tron, miles to go before stopping.”

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