Tron [TRX] continues to sink with the market as the token migration approaches

As the Tron [TRX] community continues to explore the newer updates introduced during the Mainnet launch, Justin Sun, the CEO has begun the countdown for the token migration.

Tweey by Justin Sun

Tweey by Justin Sun

The migration from ERC-20 tokens to TRX has been scheduled from 21st June to 25th June. All the ERC-20 tokens will be made invalid post the migration. The team has also committed to give the utmost support to all the traders and the community members throughout the migration period and post-migration.

Over 25 exchange platforms are supporting the token migration which includes the top exchange platforms like Binance, Bithumb, OKEx, Huobi, Upbit etc.

Once the token migration has been completed, on 26th June, Tron’s Super Representative Elections has been scheduled. The candidates who are selected as the representatives will be the active participants of the validation network. According to Justin Sun, these Super Representatives will have the complete future governance of the firm.

A Twitterati named Buu Huu says:

@justinsuntron Hype does not create longterm stability, just sad bag holders.”

Jorge Contreras, another Twitter user says:

“Show #Eos that you can do it better.”

Another Twitterati says:

@justinsuntron EOS mainnet is failing. Learn from their mistakes.”

A TRX supported named David says:

“Just don’t do what EOS just did and you good to go. You are a catalyst for the crypto market going forward. #nopressure @Tronfoundation  @justinsuntron

Kenneth Melvin, a Digital Asset proponent says:

@justinsuntron Unfortunately bear market this won’t do shit for price”

Marcus Aurelius, a Cryptocurrency investor says:

@justinsuntron Stop. Just stop. Your coin is a massive scam”

While the cryptocurrency market has been trading sideways for the past couple of days, Tron [TRX] continues to be affected by the bearish market and has witnessed a 20.47% price decline in the past 7 days.

At 11:20 AM UTC, TRX was at the 10th position and was trading at $0.04 with a market capitalization of $2.83 billion. On 13th June, TRX had reached its monthly low of $0.03 and had gained its value back in the bearish market.

TRX 7 days chart

TRX 7 days chart

Another Cryptocurrency enthusiast says:

“Independence from Ethereum, independence from other crypto currencies… #TRX price will grow based on its own economics, not tracking other cryptos”

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