The most influential cryptocurrency investors that are worth following

There is the number of known and unknown crypto investors who have made their fortune of millions/billions. Not all of the crypto millionaire proudly boast their achievements but here are the few names you can look upon and follow on social media to keep up to date with their view and thoughts regarding the crypto investments.

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss

The popular Winklevoss brothers had made millions after settling their Facebook lawsuit and had invested in cryptocurrencies. Today, they have become the first known crypto billionaire after the astronomical surge in bitcoins’ price. In fact, they claim to have 1% of total bitcoins currently are in circulation that they bought $11 million worth of coins back in April 2013, when bitcoin was worth $120. In addition, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are also the founders of the world’s first regulated and most trusted crypto exchange called Gemini. They are, obviously, one of the most influential crypto investors that are worth to follow.

Roger Ver

Roger Keith Ver is known the name of bitcoin community as well as in the community of crypto investors. Roger Ver is known for its early investments in Bitcoin-based startups. He was, of course, an energetic promoter and supported of Bitcoin adoption and scaling for mass until he had realized the longer transaction confirmation time and transaction fees. Currently, he supports Bitcoin Cash which he believes can overcome the issues of bitcoin. Roger is definitely visionary and thinks a step ahead compared to the major number of crypto investors. His recent debate on Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash is a must watch content for crypto investors.

Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin, who many regards as Ethereum’s Satoshi. Buterin was born in Russia but grew up in Canada. He had the good fortune of a freethinking father, who in February 2011 introduced 17-year-old Buterin to Satoshi’s work and Bitcoin. Bitcoin had only been functioning for two years at that point, and no major alternative was in existence. He quickly became one of the first well-known journalists pioneering the world of crypto assets, even cofounding Bitcoin Magazine, which remains one of the best deep dive sites for technical analysis of blockchain architectures. He invented Ethereum in 23013 but he officially announced it in January 2014 at the North American Bitcoin Conference. Today, Buterin has successfully created the world’s second-leading cryptocurrency in terms of market capital and a platform that can revolutionize the way we do things.

Barry Silbert

In the end of 2014, the US Marshall’s office seized 50,000 bitcoin from the most popular online marketplace mostly used for selling illicit goods called Silk Road. They had sold off all of these coins and 2000 of them were bought by Barry Silbert at price of mere $350. He is the founder and CEO of a cryptocurrency investment firm called Digital Currency Group. Today, it earned him almost $700 million and made his name on the list of top Bitcoin investors. Barry still gives profound crypto investment advice.

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