Secure messaging on the XRP Ledger by XRP Tip Bot creator!

Community developer Wietse Wind, known for his work on the XRP Tip Bot, has announced that he is working on an encrypted messaging service. The service in question functions on the XRP Ledger.

The service utilizes the Diffie Hellman algorithm, which can be used to establish a shared ‘secret’ between two parties. Users can send messages with no need for exchanging their keys or a secret before the process. Messages can be as long as 2000 characters.

Wind’s service can send secure, encrypted messages between XRP accounts for a very low fee. The fee specified by him is “only a few drops”, where drops are the smallest unit of measurement of the XRP currency. 1 drop equates to 0.000001 XRP tokens, which makes the fee for the messages almost negligible.

According to XRPTrump on Twitter, the payment for one message is 1 drop, with 11 drops as fees. This turns out to 83,333 messages for one XRP token. He also stated that users can respond to messages or mail based on sorting, with payments prioritizing the urgency of replies.

The service also features the option to send extra XRP as payment along with the message. Wind also clarified that he is working on features such as a phonebook, or an “xrp book”, and adding support for emojis.

User BigFriendlyGayBro on Reddit said:

“Just thought about it for a second, it’s pretty funny that XRP’s use cases are now encroaching on the unique value proposition of these “privacy” coins, especially considering it’s possible that you can transact through these encrypted messages. Think about it, transacting with texts even over pre-smartphone phones (e.g. 2002 Nokia, LG Chocolate) is now something you can do, so would it not be possible to apply that ability to encrypted messages sent through this function?”

User wgcole01 said:

“I like this. I’ve been holding XRP since 2015. One of the things I’ve often wondered was why there wasn’t more development around XRP. This is the kind of thing I’ve been looking out for.”

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