Ripple [XRP] CEO: “Hype vs. reality in blockchain and crypto is way out of whack”

Money 20/20, the premier global event on the industry calendar where C-level Executives, renowned speakers, innovators, and disruptors from across the world unite to drive change in the future of money, originally had David Schwartz [Ripple’s Chief Cryptographer] to speak at the conference. Later it was announced that Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple will be speaking at this Amsterdam conference, to address frictionless global payments and digital assets.

Ripple's announcement of their presence at the money20/20 conference

Ripple’s announcment of their presence at the money20/20 conference

Speaking at the conference, Brad Garlinghouse said:

“Hype vs. reality in blockchain and crypto is way out of whack. Experiments are not a business model. Ripple is going deep with customers—solving real problems and seeing real progress.”

This comes after their announcement on the collaboration with some of the top universities around the world to support and speed up academic research, technical development, and innovation in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital payments. The commitment is for over $50 million in funding, subject matter expertise, and technical resources to UBRI’s first wave of university partners —17 prestigious institutions around the world.

Earlier this year, on May 31st, Ripple announced the release of Rippled version 1.0.0. which includes incremental improvements from their previous versions and symbolizes growing maturity of the software. Their insights feature industry updates, insider perspectives, and in-depth market analysis.

At the Codecon annual conference for software hackers and technology enthusiasts, held on May 30th, 2018, Brad Garlinghouse said:

“Bitcoin may end up being the Napster of digital assets. It’s shown what’s possible. But Spotify, iTunes, Pandora engaged the system and regulators, and they ruled the day.”

This was after David Schwartz delivered a speech comparing Bitcoin[BTC] and Ripple’s XRP, on June 1st, 2018.

Marc Jason Grens, a macroeconomist and a Twitter user commented:

“Ripple is going deep with customers”??? Can you please provide a few examples of this? Myself and millions of others are eagerly awaiting Ripple to prove they are not the Kings of Hype”.

GhostNode, a wannabe crypto trader and a Twitter user commented:

“Ripple XRP investors get to see actual results, not hype and buzzwords. What does your bag do?”

Money 20/20 is yet to give out further details of this interview with Brad Garlinghouse.

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