Pornstar Brenna Sparks endorses Bitcoin [BTC], Spankchain [SPANK], and ARK [ARK]

Adult film actress Brenna Sparks recently spoke about her involvement with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, while providing some transparency on its execution in the adult film industry.

She is known for being an avid voice for the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the adult film industry, as it offers workers in the industry censorship resistance. Payment providers are known to discriminate against the industry, and cryptocurrencies offer the opportunity for indiscriminate payments. Sparks spoke about the industry and said that they have “if it ain’t totally broke, it doesn’t need fixing” attitude towards infrastructure of the industry in general. She also said:

“….because of the taboo nature of the adult industry, many of the industry issues have a hard time getting heard by the rest of the world, so problems have been slowly piling up in the background over the years.”

She believes that the cryptocurrency industry is full of visionaries who will take notice of the problems and change it. She also said that no one in the adult industry will make the changes required and that she will be more vocal on the matter as time goes on.

On the free market ideas associated with cryptocurrencies, she said it was a modern and reliable way to exchange value. Individual power to make decisions that were previously not an option was also a point she mentioned.

She mentioned a few cryptocurrencies that she favoured. Her favourite cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin [BTC], SONM [SNM], Odyssey [OCN], Spankchain [SPANK], and Ark [ARK].

She spoke at length about her idea to release an instructional video series on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The twist is that she will be doing the tutorials naked. She also spoke up about her time as a camgirl, and how she received tips. She said:

“I was tipped pretty often in cryptocurrency, mainly because the clients had crypto and wanted to actually use it.”

She further mentioned that she keeps her coins in deep cold storage as opposed to a wallet. The crypto-revolution is close at hand in the adult industry, she stated. With camgirls and production companies beginning to use the technology, the systems that exist in place today to prevent payment providers from discriminating against the industry will not exist. She said:

“These are just common issues and aren’t even all that creative. This whole industry can be flipped around by cryptocurrency, for the betterment of it. Bottom line is, people love cash, but it’s becoming more and more inconvenient to carry it.”

She also mentioned that crypto takes the “best parts of cash and debit cards and removes the other junk.” She said:

“Cryptocurrency is just the natural step forward when it comes to using money in a modern society and I am convinced that that majority of us will adapt to it.”

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