Monero’s desktop app ready for release, updated version 1.0.0

On June 8th, Monero came up with its new JavaScript version 1.0.0 of ‘MyMonero’, the website. Monero is one of the leading cryptocurrency that is designed to build an anonymous and censorship-resistant transaction platform, which means there is no third party interference.

CryptoBoh announced on Twitter:

“Love the new JS app version of @MyMonero give it a try it looks amazing and @monero dev endogenic hinted it would be dropping on ios shortly…Keep up the awesome work!”

Monero uses specialized mining rigs that give way to an easier mining process with a market capitalization of $2.596 million and a circulating supply of 16,110,687 XMR, at the time of writing.

The new features of version 1.0.0 RC are:

  • Desktop Upgrades for Electron 2.0.2
  • Updated Max UI to view the amount estimate
  • Priority: Low [Default]
  • QR codes supporting plain addresses without “monero:” prefix
  • Fixed regression [“fox” instead of “foxes”]
  • Performance Improvements: Prevents UI lag while starting the app with the wallet containing hundreds of outputs
  • Improved OpenAlias address lookup by adding [desktop] platform-level DNS resolve and [browser] DNS-over-HTTPS for TXT record lookup.
  • Minor other fixes and improvements made.

Members of the Monero Core Team announced that migration to Github might work if the XMR developer’s team supports it. The Monero project is a decentralized platform where the team supports anyone who is willing to contribute to their existing database and codes, to allow smooth and continuous transactions.

Paul Shapiro, a Twitter user commented saying:

“Lots of goals with downloadable apps but that one is important. Having desktop apps gives us access to platform features and a persistent environment the user has saved on their machine so we can get a lot more featureful with it.”

With Microsoft joining forces with GitHub, they are keen on providing a more free, open, and innovative platform where millions of developers can contribute and discover new coders across the globe. Monero is an open-source network that runs on Windows, Linux, Android, and macOS.

Monero updates were announced in April, where users witnessed the increase of the minimum ring signature size to 7, giving way to private transactions and also made changes to their already working algorithms.

Another Twitter user, CryptoRush writes:

“I am guessing the main goal is to get rid of phishing and it solves the problem perfectly.”

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