McAfee’s visionary-speculator shill! Docademic [MTC] sees a massive 129.83% rise

John McAfee posted a video on his Twitter page on June 17th explaining the difference between a visionary and a speculator in an endeavor to support Docademic, a platform providing healthcare service platform based on blockchain technology.

In the video, he plays a small trick using cards to show how a speculator works.

He continues to explain that a visionary is the opposite of a speculator and a speculator is someone who runs numbers and looks at trends but doesn’t understand anything about what is really happening in the market and that they rely on other people. On the other hand, he mentions that a visionary is someone who trusts the idea and invests in it. He states:

“A visionary is that person who in 2013, when Bitcoin was 5 cents goes like- I see where this is going, it has to go where its going, there is nothing that can stop it. I don’t care if it goes to half a penny, I don’t care if it goes to a 1000 dollars and back to penny, who cares? I know where it is going in the long term.”

With a McAfee steer, Docademic has seen a massive 129.83%  rise in the last 7 days with the price at $0.367 and a market cap of $103,637 million. McAfee ends the video by saying, “Look around you, visionaries see things like Docademic. Don’t let others tell you what to do, wake up, look at the truth around you. Good night”.

Docademic trade history | Source: CoinMarketCap

Docademic trade history [7 days] | Source: CoinMarketCap

On promoting Docademic McAfee had earlier mentioned:

“On July 23rd something magic is going to happen. A new app will be released which will allow you to reach out – to what? To help. Psychological help. We are talking about shit coins every day. Do you ever look in these piles of shit, for the diamonds, the gems?”

For the above comment John McAfee replied:

“It was everybody’s card. It would be impossible to pick a different one. This is the point I’m making. Docademic, for example – in the end, everybody will pick it.”

conservativecarpenter2, a crypto enthusiast, and a Twitter user:

“So true!! Great video! I know I’m a visionary and you are speaking for so many others as well. Great stuff!”

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