Litecoin [LTC], ABRA, and TapJets – Tripple Partnership

On 22nd May, Litecoin [LTC] collaborated with ABRA wallet, which enabled them to give direct support to Litecoin, its deposits, and withdrawals. TapJets, the private stream moment booking stage, has included Litecoin [LTC] as an endorsed type of payment, through ABRA wallet. This new offering enables TapJets’ clients to instantly book private flights from their gadgets with LTC, using ABRA.

Charlie Lee, the Founder of Litecoin Foundation tweeted:

“Took only 2 weeks from idea to go live. Kudos to @TapJets for such a fast launch! And they even do their own payment processing and hedging.
The advantages that Litecoin has over other cryptos is LTC’s ease of integration technically and high exchange liquidity globally.”

TapJets, the private stream moment booking stage, has included Litecoin [LTC] as an affirmed type of payment, giving clients yet another mode of payment choice to enlarge the various payment schemes. The conventional method of payment is what the team at TapJets is eradicating and replacing it with modern world payment techniques.

CEO of TapJets:

“We are excited to add Litecoin to the Bitcoin and Ethereum payment options we already accept,” 

ABRA recently announced that LTC could be transferred for free on their wallet. Abra is one of a kind and is the only global app that allows a user to buy, store, and invest in cryptocurrencies on one platform.

Bill Barhydt, the Founder of ABRA tweeted:

“So cool. Now international bitcoin and litecoin users can use @AbraGlobal to pay for @TapJets.  Just use the withdraw as litecoin function to transfer funds!”

The Litecoin Foundation is a non-profit organization, they advance Litecoin for the betterment of the society by developing and promoting their blockchain technologies. 

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