Lisk [LSK] Testnet is just three days away – Migration guide released!

The Lisk team recently announced its upcoming Testnet which has been scheduled for 28th June. The team is currently working on their new project named Lisk Core 1.0. They have also released a migration guide along with the Lisk Documentation.

Tweet by Lisk team

Tweet by Lisk team

The documentation describes all the important technical sections of the latest version of the blockchain. Following are some of the topics that have been described in the documentation:

  • Lisk Protocol: The fundamentals of Lisk Core which includes Lisk Consensus algorithm, Lisk transactions, Lisk peer-peer communication, use of cryptographic hashing to provide security etc have been explained here.
  • Lisk Core: Lisk Core is the software which implements the Lisk Protocol. All the new updates are released here during the Testnet before launching the real network. The Mainnet will be the actual Lisk ecosystem where all the transactions will take place among the registered account holders.
  • Lisk Elements: Lisk Elements is a JavaScript library which contains separately-installable modules. It also contains comprehensive subsections such as API CLient, Constants, Cryptography, Passphrase, and Transactions.
  • Lisk Commander: Lisk commander is a tool which is built exclusively for the developers to increase the coding efficiency with a Command Line Interface [CLI].
  • Lisk Hub: Lisk Hub lets you participate in the Lisk network. It helps in managing your Lisk ID, access, and transaction of LSK tokens.
  • Lisk Explorer: Lisk Explorer is used for understanding and presenting the information regarding the Lisk Blockchain. This helps in gathering data regarding the transaction, blocks and the network.

These topics are considered to be an essential guide to help with the on-boarding of the all-new Lisk version.

A Blockchain enthusiast on Twitter says:

“@LiskHQ You are always gonna be the one. ♬ Good luck with your work !”

A Twitterati named The Crypto Bit collector says:

“I would love to see your coin do more than go down. Fortunately, you have a lot of people working to make it a good ecosystem. Might need to kick up the project seeding a bit though.”

Another Lisk follower says:

“thanks for the good news #Lisk team)”

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