Lisk [LSK] community gets an airdrop!

Optitoken [OPTI], the ‘first ever algorithmically traded hyper deflationary’ cryptocurrency, is offering an airdrop to Lisk holders on June 25th at approximately 8.30 PM IST.

Every active Lisk community member that signs up would receive 30 OPTI, Optitoken said. Also, as a special offer, every address of a top 500 LSK holder will receive 1 OPTI for every 300 LSK.

Lisk is a JavaScript based platform that allows developers to deploy and develop custom blockchain or other decentralized applications.

Optitoken’s rules state that the top 500 are not eligible for the extra 30 OPTI. To claim the airdrop for the top 500, all the LSK must be in one address. Sign-ups for the airdrop must abide by the rules that the Optitoken team decides with respect to verifying personal claims to wallets.

Optitoken is driven by four key components- diversity, algorithmic trading, buying pressure and strategic scarcity.

Optitoken is traded on multiple major exchanges, and diversity means the user will have access to a ‘meticulously appointed portfolio that contains other high-performing crypto-currencies’.

LiskLisk, on Reddit, said:

“Yesss. Great news for lisk holders. I would say there will be more and more of this as time goes on, so I am gonna hold my lisk tight. Also for all the whiners who complained about hq staff going to conferences rather than working on core, I say look now at how connections are made at these events. “

Lisk-investor replied on the Lisk subreddit, saying:

“Looks like this got nothing to do with lisk. Just a project using other projects communities. Thats why they allready did an airdrop with bitbay community. Nothing wrong with this. “

Wishmaster90 asks:

“Since when it’s possible to have Tokens on LISK? I assume you guys will be a sidechain on Lisk and that airdrop will happen when Sidechains are availalbe? “

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