John McAfee’s favorable TRON [TRX]’s SR candidate stands among top 3

Justin Sun put up a post on his official Twitter page today about the updated ranking of TRON Super Representative election. This is not an official opinion from TRON. The current top three candidates are Dreams From TRON, Next Genius, and Team Tronics. The current highest score is 15 points, while the lowest score is 6.6 points.

Team Tronis was officially endorsed by John McAfee when he tweeted:

“If you are in the Tron community, vote for @teamtronics. Why? Because they are one of the few teams attempting to give back to the crypto community. Also, there are a couple of beautiful women on the team who promised to send me their phone numbers. So vote for them or else!!”

Sure enough, one of the core team members of Team Tronics includes Vanessa Crypto, Senior influencer [according to their webpage]. Vanessa’s Bio on the web page read:

”Half Italian, born and raised in Germany. Entrepreneur, investor and full-time helpers with the task to bring as many people as possible close to the crypto world. I try to talk to everyone with kind words and deeds aside, because crypto is the future.”

John McAfee, the official head of the ‘we love making outlandish statements’ club, posted on May 30th on his Twitter saying that the TRON network is one of the very few teams attempting to ensure trust in their users by giving back to the entire crypto community.

Justin Sun's update. Source: Twitter

Justin Sun’s update | Source: Twitter

TRON mentioned the fifteen items considered for scoring, they are:

  • Basic scoring: Official site, Team info, List of team members & pics, and Team introduction.
  • Operational scoring items: Local social applications, Annual community support plan, Livestream, meet up, and Community promotion efforts.
  • Technical scoring items: Testable nodes, plans for hardware expansion, plans for server placement, server type, Server configuration, and expense budget.

This update also included the changes made in the scoring principle.

“The previous scoring principle was one point or zero points, but this is not very fair. Take the server configuration, there should be differences in the score between the 1T size and the 20T size hard disk. I think this will help enhance the level of the candidates and further develop the community.”

The election will be held on June 26th, 2018 and 27 Super Representatives will be selected to represent over one million TRON supporters

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