John McAfee supports Docademic [MTC]: Small coins, big promotions!

John McAfee has been the star for the crypto-world, he is known for the price predictions of the crypto market. McAfee has repeatedly predicted the market and the lows and highs of the coins. A few weeks ago, the former CEO of McAfee associates, John McAfee predicted Docademic [MTC] to reach $2.50 by July.

Today, John McAfee tweeted:

“Docademic is down to $0.15. (On May 12 it was $0.02). Highest performing coin in the bear market we are in. When the market turns this will be the winner.”

Along with the Tweet, McAfee posted an image that reads: You gotta ask yourself one question. Did I buy Docademic today? Well, did you punk?

Maccattack, a Twitterati commented:

“how much did you get for this tweet. why do i follow you im waiting to see if your prediction of $15000 come around this month and if it dosnt people we all need to stop following this crypto prostitute”

To which, John McAfee replied:

“Look at all five of my predictions. Docademic alone rose 800%. Hold your BTC 45 days more. If you had spread your investment evenly (which all smart people did) you would have more than doubled your money. Show me anyone in crypto that has come even close. Please block yourself.”

Docademic is a bridge between doctors and patients with the sole objective of enabling premium healthcare with Electronic Health Record [EHR] and provides free access to doctors all throughout the year.

MTC is available to trade on four exchanges with HitBTC accounting for the maximum trade volume. They offer three pairing options which include MTC/BTC, MTC/ETH, and MTC/USDT.

At the time of writing, Docademic [MTC] has a trading price of $0.16, with a market cap of $45 million the coin has seen a fall of 10.14% in the past 24 hours. The weekly cap of MTC is running red with the degradation of 37.77% in its trading price.

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