John McAfee predicts again! 0x [ZRX], QuantStamp [QSP] & ClearPoll [POLL]

Earlier in an exclusive interview with AMBCrypto, John McAfee spoke about the crypto-world and its algorithms. He spoke about how the market works and how the human brain reacts and explains the psychology!

Today, John McAfee tweeted:

“My near term market predictions:”

McAfee's recent tweet

McAfee’s recent tweet

He attached the above image, in which, his predictions of the Crypto-market are stated. 

Nivali, a Twitter user commented:

“15k BTC still on by end of June?”

To which, McAfee replied:

“Yes, but may slip into mid July”

Kolade Adewumi commented:

They aren’t ridiculous estimations imo. I’m looking forward to the August Rush!

According to McAfee’s predictions,  ZRX [0x] will be at $2.90 by 1st August. ZRX currently has a trading price of $1.21 while it is also running red with a fall of 0.43% in the past 1 hour.

McAfee stated QSP [Quantstamp] to reach $0.50 by August 15th while its current trading price at the time of writing is $0.15 and the coin has seen a rise of 1.04% in the past one hour.

He also added POLL [ClearPoll] to his prediction list, POLL is predicted to reach $2.40 by August 1st, currently POLL is being traded at $0.70 and the coin has seen a rise of 14.70% in the past hour.

It is speculated that POLL and QSP have experienced a hike in their prices since the predictions of John McAfee.

In the interview with AMBCrypto, McAfee spoke about the manipulation in the market and how it is nothing apart from a “Series of paired transactions”.

He added:

“There is no overriding psychology that is not manipulation.”

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