John McAfee calls SEC Chairman out for a debate on CNN!

John McAfee declared war on the SEC yesterday after the chairman of SEC spoke about the status of the cryptocurrency market from a regulatory standpoint. He posted tweets of an inflammatory nature on his Twitter profile.

Notably, McAfee was on the run from the US government after he was alleged of being in the crosshairs of the SEC due to his public advocacy of cryptocurrency. His Twitter tirade started when CNBC published an exclusive with Jay Clayton, the chairman of the SEC. He said:

“The head of the SEC declared today that all ICOs are securities. While I STRONGLY disagree and believe that the majority of ICOs do not meet the Supreme Court Howey Test for securities, I will submit, for now, to their rules and will not work with future ICOs. But, I’ll be back.”

This was the first of many tweets against the statements of the Chairman. He went on to say that if the SEC prosecutes anything prior to the date of their declaration that all ICOs are securities, he will be the greatest thorn in the SEC’s side since the founding of the US Constitution. He said:

“Overreach of power is the worst of all corruption.”

He then exploded with a challenge to the SEC, saying:

“I challenge the SEC to debate me on CNN. I debated the FBI two years ago when they they [sic] overstepped their bounds. You, the SEC, have overstepped your bounds. I ripped the FBI a new asshole on CNN. I welcome the opportunity to RIP the SEC a new asshole.”

He quoted his reasoning for the debate being called as his 2016 interview on CNN with the FBI. This was over the Apple-FBI controversy, where the FBI insisted that Apple give them a backdoor to an iPhone that belonged to a shooter in the San Bernardino attack. He said:

“7 days after my CNN debate with the FBI, the FBI dropped their demand that Aplle give them a backdoor. I promise that if the SEC @SEC_News accepts my offer to debate them, they will stop their insistence that ICOs are secutities [sic].”

He got progressively more aggressive, saying:

“My question to @Sec_news: do you have the b***s to debate me or not? If not, then back the f**k off!!!”

He called on his Twitter army, beseeching them to call and email the @Sec_News Twitter handle to demand that they debate McAfee. The argument then took a very flame war-like turn, as McAfee said in his last tweet:

“The SEC chairman is Jay Clayton. He can be reached by phone at 202-551-2100 or by email at [email protected] Flood this mother f*****’s voice mail and inbox with demands that he debate me. CNN is ready! Show this prick what the crypto community is all about!”

It is left to see whether the SEC will accept John McAfee’s war cry. If they do, the ensuing debate will be one for the ages.

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