John McAfee – “Beauty can only be created by those who are free”

John McAfee tweeted out a video recently when he quotes ‘Beauty can only be created by those who are free’. To take control we must take control of the system, of the values, and currencies. He ends by wishing viewers a good morning.

John McAfee also released a document on his website, titled ‘The Declaration of Currency Independence’ recently. History does not repeat, but it certainly does rhyme, the document starts. Just like this video of his on Twitter, the declaration also seems to begin tangentially.

He is a big believer in decoupling the individual from what he believes to be the source of all power-currency. The advent of the blockchain, on which cryptocurrencies work. This would wrest the power away from governments since it is decentralized, meaning no government can leverage the power they traditionally possess by controlling the currency.

John McAfee has also been very bullish about Bitcoin, tweeting in July 2017 that he fully expects Bitcoin to hit $500,000 in a space of three years. Even now, following last weekend’s flash crash of Bitcoin and other altcoins, John McAfee has been pretty upbeat.

Running for President in the 2020 elections is also on his agenda, with the aim of helping the crypto community. He does not expect to, nor want to, win the elections, but he does aim to put cryptocurrency at the heart of his pitch. He will hopefully embrace the idea of wider blockchain applications in the future and take the blinders off that keep him gazing at cryptocurrency alone.

Here is John’s exclusive with AMBCrypto, where he elaborates on his strong, rather controversial views.

NotoriousRDD comments on this,

“Sounds like the first Presidental ad. Love it! John MC in 2020! Let’s do this…”

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