IOTA [MIOTA]’s ‘Tangle’ now will be for digital identity cards!

A digital ID card that uses IOTA’s ultimate secure distributed ledger technology called the Tangle will dispatch this year in Taiwan’s capital city, Taipei. The ID card is intended to make the level of security stronger and help counteract identity theft or fraud.

The venture is a collaboration between the city’s Department of Information Technology and BiiLabs, a startup which focuses on the Distributed Ledger Technology.

Jim Huang, a Scientist and crypto-enthusiast tweeted:

“To comply with context of #GDPR, #TangleID is adapting uPort components into $IOTA network for self-sovereign identity management on which #Taipei Smart City Project Management Office (TPMO) would build several applications. Look forward to mass deployment this year.”

A blockchain powered smart city is what Taipei is expected to be soon. The launch of ID cards based on Tangle is the first initiative to acknowledge and use crypto-technology in daily lives.

IOTA’s technology ‘Tangle’ is being tested to assess and manage the air quality throughout the city. Air Box project develops small sensors that monitor pollution. These sensors would be deployed in homes and their data would be recorded and analyzed for future references by Tangle.

Wei-bin Lee, the commissioner of the city’s Department of Information Technology said:

“With Taipei City always thinking ahead and with IOTA’s technology, this partnership is a strategic move to usher in the era of smart cities to the citizens of Taipei,”

Taipei is not the only one to experiment crypto-technology in their city. The city of Dubai is likewise attempting to build up a brilliant city of Mecca by 2020, which will utilize blockchain innovation to kill bureaucratic falsely printed material and store data for immigration processes, licenses, accreditations, instalments, visa applications, and a few other government-driven organizations.

Hanspazer, a Redditor on the discussion regarding this says:

“let’s be realistic. With crypto we will need to use a layer which validates your identity. For example no one will lend you money without you verfying your indentity. For many types of contracts this is inevitable. For many other things like everyday purchases you will use an anonymous layer.”

Exactlybutterscotch, another Redditor commented:

“Why would we wan’t this? Publically avaliable ID cards? Talk about a privacy nightmare.”

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