Google and Dent [DENT] Coin – A new coldwar in the crypto-world

DENT Coin, in one of their Twitter posts, compared themselves to Google. Dent Coin whose symbol is DENT is one lesser-known Altcoins, which is dedicated to delivering an end-to-end mobile data exchange.

Dent coin tweeted:

“The fastest growing #Blockchain project DENT beats Google Drive in Mexico Google Play Store trending charts! – Oh, Google Drive has more than 1Billion downloads so far, let’s work on that;) Download Android: //   iOS: // #dentcoin #btc #5g”

Google Drive and Google Play were on trending charts of Mexico for the longest of time, this changed when DENT appeared on the trending list and soon topped the chart leaving behind Google Drive and Google Play.

Jeppe K, a Twitterati commented:

“What is good for Dent, is good for the whole crypto space. Good work guys and girls.”

Gadget. 301 says:

“So bullish on Dent

The firm overseeing DENT is arranged in Hong Kong and they are trying to capture the overall mobile data market. The originators of the coin have made an Ethereum maintained P2P exchange which works on targets to be achieved. The customers of the stage are allowed to buy, offer or give data through the Ethereum – based blockchain. The goal of this altcoin is to eventually become a global ecosystem for trading mobile data.

During the commencement of DENT, the team hoped it would be possible to make global telecommunications industry more efficient and cheaper. DENT cryptocurrency has possibilities to become the global currency for mobile data. DENT users are able to enjoy the automated purchase of data packages for consumers and IoT gadgets.

Google, till now, has not made any comments or remarks on the tweet. Nevertheless, a cold war between Google and DENT might or rather has started!

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