Good to “GO” votes are in, EOS mainnet updates goes live

On June 9th, the launch of the EOS blockchain has validated their goals towards reaching more than $4 billion to help develop their open-source software over a year-long ICO.

Candidates in the role of validators and “block producers” from all across the world have successfully established their power by voting “GO” to the mainnet live. The meeting was streamed on YouTube sponsored by ‘EOS GO’.

The main aim is to help organize communities around an open-source software so that they can create community-driven models that can compete with financially centralized tech companies today.

Serg Metelin, Developing Relation Officer for EOS states:

“Blockchains will change everything. Agricultural industries, Governance, Science, Medical, Insurance and all of the industries that have a middle man as a part of the business process can be disrupted by the blockchains.”

The organizations have been very keen on supporting the EOS Mainnet Launch Group [EMLG] and decided to launch one mainnet for EOS. Over 100 candidate organizations participated in the vote that took place on Saturday. More than 1800 viewers watched the voting in a time frame of 45 mins.

The decisions supporting either of the “Go/No Go” votes was almost unanimous and the moderators have not reported a final count.

The vote has confirmed the initial network to go live according to plans presented during the stream. The EOS goes live with 15 percent of the outstanding tokens being staked to votes. The network has also appointed block producers who will dedicate their time to at least 48 hours of additional testing.

EOS cryptocurrency is currently being traded at $14.61 with a circulating supply of 896,149,492 

One Twitter user comments:

“Looks absolutely terrific! Thank you, for what you are doing, guys, inspiring the community!”

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