Flash Crash: Bitcoin [BTC] falls to $5815, 2018’s lowest

Bitcoin is continuously breaking its lowest points of 2018. The coin was trading at the price of $5850 on 24th June. when it was declared to be at the lowest point this year, and today, Bitcoin broke its own record by falling to $5815. The market cap also fell below the $100 billion margin during the crash.

BTC trading chart | Source: Trading View

BTC trading chart | Source: Trading View

The only thing currently pumping in the crypto market is tension with Bitcoin and its fluctuations. Bitcoin started the month of June with its trading price as $7,508 and now fell to $5815. The coin has fallen over $1600 this month.

It is speculated that this sudden fall in the market is due to a multimillion-dollar transaction that was reported on Bitcoin’s Blockchain at almost minimal cost. A wallet of unknown origin mobilized 48,500.08799325 BTC and only paid a fee of 675 Satoshis [$0.04].

Source: Blockchain.com

On June 10th another flash crash occurred, Bitcoin had dropped to $7200 from $7600 under 2 hours. Almost all cryptocurrencies faced the same game troll, as they dropped by -5%.

Furthermore, on 23rd June Bitcoin dropped over $600 in 10 hours. BTC today has been falling rapidly in the past few hours and is facing its lowest points of the year.

At press time, BTC has a trading price of $5878. With a market cap of $100 billion, the coin has seen a fall of 3.90% in the past 24 hours and its weekly cap runs red with 10.84%.

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