FIFA World Cup, Brazil will win – Prediction from crypto-world!

The FIFA World Cup 2018 has started with a major blast, with an overall 32 teams formed for the play. The crypto-world supports multiple industries but what keeps it in flames with the current market is the continuous evolving with the changes of the season.

Today Bodhi, the bot prediction system, built on Qtum’s Blockchain tweeted:

“Qtum predicts Brazil will win! Which team do you support? #WorldCup2018 #prediction #predictionmarket @bodhitoken @QtumOfficial”

Along with the tweet, they added an image that clearly predicts and supports Brazil as the winner of World Cup 2018!

Bodhi's tweet | Source: Twitter

Bodhi’s tweet | Source: Twitter

Bodhi is a decentralized prediction market platform that focuses primarily on the Chinese market. Bodhi users can create and trade based on the outcome of sports, finance, politics, or other global events. It is powered by the Bodhi token [BOT].

Bodhi aims to build an autonomous, credible, and scalable prediction market that integrates the application of a functional prediction market on a global scale to further optimize the making of decisions. Bodhi is also one of the first and largest decentralized applications running on the Qtum [QTUM] blockchain.

Recently Bodhi had announced its plans to launch a working Decentralized Application [DApp] on the Qtum [QTUM] Mainnet.

Brazil’s national football team is supported by Qtum and Bodhi. The team had a match with its competitor Switzerland on Sunday, which led to a tie of 1-1. Brazil will next play with Costa Rica on 22nd June and later with Serbia.

Brazil needs to put up with the current speed of World Cup and win against Costa Rica and Serbia to make it ahead to the finals.

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