Ethereum [ETH] based app to digitize Swiss’ city while they plan to test blockchain-based voting

Zug, a city in Switzerland opened up to the blockchain world as they are to conduct their entire voting system using the Blockchain technology. The entire city’s residents will use their eID system to vote using their smartphones during the trial to be held this month.

Zug will allow residents to take part in a blockchain-based test as they mull whether the technology can be implemented further on a larger scale. Zug has been open to cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology till now and is already home to several start-ups. This is what has got the city the name “Crypto valley”.

Digital IDs were introduced in Zug to permit citizens’ digital access council services last autumn in a pilot phase. This went on further in terms of usage to end up in Blockchain as a tester. If this goes smoothly, they will look into expanding and implanting it further.

The trial will be run between June 25th and July 1st. Switzerland’s first municipal blockchain voting, and the results will be non-binding for the city authorities since it is only a tester.

They plan to launch a voting pilot as a blockchain base to both polling system and residents’ IDs. This e-voting pilot was planned to launch an Ethereum-based app called “uPort” which will digitize the IDs of the local residents. Started in November, the program now has over 200 residents signed up for the new service, they announced.

Charles Johnson, a social media enthusiast says:

“Considering Swiss’ open framework and acceptable regulations, this is not a great surprise. Excellent move and a wonderful step ahead Zug. Looking forward to more advancements and citizen friendly activities.”

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