Ethereum Classic [ETC] support with Metamask coming soon, says ECC Director

Metamask, the Ethereum browser and wallet known for its cute fox mascot, will soon support Ethereum Classic. In an announcement on Twitter, Anthony Lusardi, the Director of the Ethereum Classic Cooperative, said:

“The @metamask_io PR for $ETC support isn’t finished but it is working!”

Metamask is a bridge software that takes the form of a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Brave Browsers. The software allows for the execution of Ethereum dApps without the need for a full Ethereum node. It also features a security identity vault and a wallet for Ether transactions.

Ethereum Classic recently saw a pump in price, with a 9.89% growth over 24 hours. From its previous trading price of $13.60, the price of the coin saw a hike to $15 within a few hours. Even as it fell down to just below the $15 mark, it is sitting right below the resistance at $14.99.

The coin was recently listed on Binance, with ETC/BNB and ETC/USDT pairs. It was also released on Coinbase, Coinbene, and Nova Exchange.

Ethereum Classic is a product of the split that occurred on the Ethereum blockchain due to the failed implementation of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Due to a bug in the implementation, $50 million was stolen. To prevent the misuse of these funds, a hard fork was proposed. The new implementation was given the name Ethereum and the old fork was called Ethereum Classic.

The fork in question is not backwards compatible with the current Ethereum blockchain, making any future development of the Ethereum blockchain incompatible with this specific fork.

Crypto enthusiast, Rex Simon said:

“Metamask adding support for Ethereum Classic is just the latest development in the wave of new support for the coin. People in the ETC camp will say this is the beginning of the future for adoption, but it is still left to see how far this will go.”

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