EOS – How might blockchain technology be used in five years?

Yesterday, EOS posted a video on Twitter where the EOS core members narrated their ideas on how they view blockchain being utilized in the next five years. The video features Serg Metelin from Developer Relations, Bart Wyatt from Engineering, Daniel Larimer the CTO of Block.one, and Brendan Blumer the CEO of Block.one.

Serg Metelin expressed that it is rather difficult to predict what is going to happen in the five years. However, he is optimistic about blockchains being integrated into different industries. He said:

“Within the course of the next five years, I believe they [blockchain] will be integrated into our insurance, our medical services, in banking and many many different areas in our day to day life.”

Bart Wyatt emphasizes how people will start looking at blockchain in the future. People will have to start using this technology with or without their knowledge. He said:

” it is going to be there and people are going to feel it because what used to be a necessity for a trust and an institution like a governmental agency or even something like a church might be less of a requirement in order to get trust. You will be able to garner trust from these systems, the consensus, and a community. That would be the thing an average person feels that they no longer have to blindly trust these monolithic institutions. I am not sure if they can give blockchain the credit for it, but they really should.”

Daniel Larimer envisions blockchain being used by banks, governments, and businesses. Institutions should be placing their infrastructure with blockchain based infrastructure.

Brendan Blumer, Chief Executive Officer of Block.one said:

“Most people will start to use products and services that will become more competitive and aligned and they may not even know that they are using the blockchain itself. It’s really a resource for developers to build the next generation of products and services”

GrooveTuneZ, a Twitter user commented:

“I suggest all the replyers mark this tweet for two years. I’m not try to prove you’re right or wrong, but you’ll find that you used to be a closed mind.”

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