EOS [EOS] developers on what it takes to be a block producer

Block.one, an open source software publisher specializing in high-performance blockchain technologies, and notably the developers of EOSIO, clarified the requirements and criteria for becoming a block producer. Twitter user EOSBull asked Block.one:

 “Do blockchain producers need to have a tech/programming background, or can other types of people with non-tech backgrounds become block producers?”

Block.one responded:

“Working with blockchain technology will always require some amount of technical capability. Block.one is developing open-source software for the EOSIO platform, but has been clear from the outset that it is not responsible for configuring or launching any public blockchain adopting the software. That will be done by the Block Producers. Therefore, to gain an understanding of the technical credentials for running the blockchain, we would recommend reviewing the community resources that have discussed the topic, and also the extensive GitHub documentation about the EOSIO platform.”

Block producing is a technical responsibility that is also time intensive. Block producers on the EOSIO platform are 21 elected representatives, elected by token holders. These block producers are tasked with confirming transactions, and transactions are stored in ‘blocks’, hence their name, block producers.

They are the first in running a transaction on the network, and in doing so, they will prove to the members of the network that the transaction that occurred is valid. In doing so, they create the chain, which the rest of the network can see, and independently verify if required.

The block producers are the “central brain of the network”. The number of producers is not fixed and will vary depending on the community. The producer is elected based on their value, and this might change over time based on latency, or location on the globe, said their development team.

Recently, the EOS block producers had frozen the account of seven wallets. This act was deemed unconstitutional according to EOS’s constitution. The constitution states that the block producers may only execute decisions taken by arbitration bodies. In this instance, the block produces themselves had decided unanimously to freeze accounts.

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