Coinbase’s engineer rips apart on its recent policies

Recently, removed multiple businesses from listing. Josh Ellithorpe, an engineer at Coinbase who is involved in multiple Bitcoin Cash projects, said that it is rather infuriating to see these businesses being removed from listing. He says claimed that they were removed over the issue of support for the NYA, and the related Segwit2x which mandates that a 2MB hard fork be activated within six months of consensus.

According to Josh, this reason makes no sense because this issue surfaced almost a year ago, but the companies are being removed only now. Coinbase and Bitpay, two of the biggest players, who have done more growth for Bitcoin than any other company, have been removed.

Josh suggests a ‘consistent experience’. It is not about the transaction fees, but rather about the stability of the system., he says.

Redditor LuxuriousThrowAway said,

“This is quite a good listen. Many current events in rapid speech, from the POV of a network engineer, without any wishy washy talk. Faster than reading a great article.”

The Redditors go back and forth on whether Coinbase represented their priorities or not, whether Coinbase’s removal was warranted since they ‘tried to hijack the protocol’, or, on the contrary, how removing the businesses that supported Bitcoin for so long could be argued as being ‘beneficial’ to BTC.

uglymelt, a Redditor reasons:

“Coinbase is a bank and BCH is the centralized version of bitcoin they ever wanted. It was the right decision to remove Coinbase from”

MarchewkaCzerwona, on Reddit, tries their hand at the art of brevity:

“Bottom line is that bitcoin cash is business friendly.

Bitcoin core with 1mb block with or without segwit is not.

We knew for long time that something must be done about it or there will be no adoption. Everything else is history now.”

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