Cardano [ADA]’s weekly development updates

Cardano [ADA] has announced its weekly update recently, which includes the information about the team’s progress in the development of various projects.

Tweet by Cardano Foundation:

IOHK’s Weekly Technical Report is out. The report outlines the progress made in the ongoing workstreams of the Cardano project. “

Daedalus Wallet and Hardware Wallet

The IOHK team is currently working on Daedalus 0.10.1 version with Cardano 1.2.1 hotfix release. The maximum wallet limit has been increased from 10 to 20. This includes a UI logic that does not allow the user to add more than 20 wallets.

Apart from this, they are replacing the “About window” with an overlay dialog shown on the main UI page. They are also working on the  “ADA redemption” screen with various user-friendly features.

Ledger Integration with the New wallet backend is also in progress. The “Create new wallet” function of the hardware wallet has been completed. This would help in generating new address on the hardware wallet and spend ADA from the wallet.

The team has successfully completed the Daedalus app installation error handling along with its documentation and packaging instr

Wallet Backend

The team has created new wallet specifications and development along with an investigation on high IO traffic in the wallet. The team determined that flushing large logs which had multiple megabyte log lines caused large spikes.


The team has started the implementation of an inter-node communication protocol for the data and control messages, which uses a single bi-directional channel.

Research and Design

The Research and Design team worked on a Delegation Design document which addressed the malleability issue.


The team is also currently working on understanding the needs of end users and developers since it involves smart contracts.

The programming languages, Plutus and Marlowe progressing well. Marlowe is in the analysis phase and the team is currently developing the Smart Contracts Modelling for Plutus.


The Cloud Infrastructure design and the content design for the IELE Testnet has begun.

ADA's 7 days chart

ADA’s 7 days chart

Cardano [ADA] is trending at the 8th position by market capitalization. At 3:10 PM UTC, the coin is trading at $0.16 with a market cap of $4.2 billion. After being a part of a bearish market with 13.8% decline in the past week, ADA is gradually gaining the momentum with a 0.74% hike in the past 24 hours.

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