Cardano [ADA]’s new research manager assures more efficiency

Mirjam Wester is the Senior Research Manager at IOHK who joined the team this year, with 20 years of experience, to support the senior management in managing IOHK’s global research initiatives. She is also working with IOHK’s Chief Scientist, Prof. Aggelos Kiayias at the IOHK research lab at the University of Edinburgh. She spoke about how she came across IOHK and what insisted her on working with them. She also mentions her role, duties, and goals as the Senior Research Manager at IOHK.

Wester has a background in speech technology and a Ph.D. in automatic speech recognition. For the last 18 months, she has been working with Aggelos on a new project in privacy and security called Panoramix. During the course of this project, she was introduced to IOHK.

As the senior research manager at IOHK, she will be supporting the senior management in managing the different research streams at IOHK. She will be focussing on the different processes to make sure they are in place, hoping to improve them and making it all more efficient.

IOHK works with different universities, so there is blockchain technology lab in Edinburgh, where she started off. Last week, she was in Tokyo where she had the opportunity to meet the researcher fellows – Bernardo, Mario, and the Tokyo tech.

With the way IOHK has grown in the last year, a lot more management is needed to ensure that the different projects stick to the time frames they need to stick to. It is important and exciting to try to get people to work together and facilitate the collaboration between researchers and developers because they talk different languages and sometimes need help to ensure that their communication is more efficient, says Wester.

She concluded stating:

“So, I hope to contribute to that and make life better for everybody who is working here at IOHK.”

Cardano and its team have always been focussing on the R7D as much as they do with any other sector of their project. Charles Hoskinson, the Founder of IOHK himself mentioned the importance and the amount of effort that his research team puts all the time to make their currency the best. With a new, experienced research manager to manage some of the most important works of theirs, they look forward to an improvised and much more efficient team.

Jason Whittle, a speculator commented:

“Must be a lot of research going on to need someone to manage it. Nice.”

Media 67, a YouTuber says:

“Welcome Mirjam!”

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