Cardano [ADA]’s Goguen Project is a step towards their 3D cryptocurrency

Cardano [ADA]’s Project Manager, Gerard Moroney, talks about the progress of Project Goguen, an initiative to deliver smart contracts’ capability to the Cardano platform. Amongst other accomplishments, they have successfully launched their KEVM test net recently which allows users to experiment while executing smart contracts written through solidity.


Goguen is all about delivering smart contracts’ [SC] capability for Cardano – CL [computation layer]. As part of this, they have been researching a lot about sidechains, accounting, multi-currency – to allow a new blockchain to be created for the CL which is an important architecture as they will build a technology that is extensible and scalable as it goes into the future. It is a very important part of the third-generation philosophy.

Plutus and Marlowe are languages that allow you to execute the smart contracts and IELE is a registered based virtual machine which allows different languages like solidity to be run on the Cardano platform. Finally, the end-user and external developer integration is really important as well because creating smart contracts is related to the user experience.

Gerard stated:

“Our delivery is not going to be only about the technology but also about the tools and education materials that will help you understand how to build great smart contract.”

IOHK's update

IOHK’s update

Feedback from people throughout last month has been very interesting, says Gerard. A lot of them have shown interest towards testnet VMs to actually see how easy it is to write smart contracts, as the CEO of IOHK, Charles had also previously mentioned.

The team is really pleased to see such enormous feedbacks and they mentioned all the information necessary about KEVM test net is available on their official website. They are also open to answering any questions that the supporters have through e-mail.

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