Blockchain only begins in Fin-Tech; it’s for all industries to act on

On June 8th, Daniel Larimer, the Chief Technology Officer for EOS, the most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications, confirms that Blockchain is for all multi-user systems and all other industries.

He talks about the benefits of the blockchain technology that revolve around the removal of security issues from a centralized system, allowing its users to control their identity. Users can also control their private keys.

Whether it’s voting or social media, the future holds a more “password-less” society. EOS focuses on building a more secure ecosystem where users can trust the people they are communicating with. Bart Wyatt who focuses on Engineering and Development is also a part of the EOS community and has plans on getting out there to figure out the actual potential of their blockchain model.

Serg Metelin, Developing Relation Officer states:

“Blockchains will change everything. Agricultural industries, Governance, Science, Medical, Insurance and all of the industries that have a middleman as a part of the business process can be disrupted by the blockchains.”

The main aim of a blockchain is for industries and communities to organize around an open-sourced software that allows them to create a community-driven business model that can eventually compete with larger financially centralized tech companies today.

So, blockchains are definitely not limited to only fin-tech as it is creating a massive structural revolution worldwide. The EOS Hackathon is scheduled to be held this weekend in Hong Kong which will focus more on the developing technology behind blockchains in this crypto network.

User Jonny Adams on Twitter said:

“Blockchain has the potential to change the world. I am waiting for the day where technologies have been developed to cure privacy issues and build better networking models to help in the growth of businesses!!”

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